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Amazon Device Messaging Beta Now Available

Amazon Device Messaging is a new service that lets you send push notifications from the cloud to Kindle Fire devices that run your app. Amazon Device Messaging makes it easy for you to drive engagement with your customers and to create new opportunities for monetization and use.



With Amazon Device Messaging, you can send messages to individual users on specific devices. You can update customers on game play, invite them to purchase a related product, or send other messages that create a richer app experience.


The Amazon Device Messaging service is now available to developers who are accepted into our beta program. Apply here. We’ve created the Amazon Device Messaging API to be not only easy to use, but also:


  • Simple. Amazon Device Messaging is a transport mechanism, optimized to queue your messages and deliver them to a targeted instance of your app. For example, upon receiving a message, your app might post a notification, display a custom user interface,or sync data. 


  • Efficient. Amazon Device Messaging respects users' battery life, so you can, too. Using the Amazon Device Messaging service allows your app to avoid performing polling, a serious battery drain, while not requiring additional power to stay connected —a benefit your users will appreciate.


  • Free. In addition to providing a best-in-class payload size of up to6KB per message, Amazon Device Messaging is available at no cost to developers.


Kindle developers have already started to express their interest in Amazon Device Messaging. “We are very excited that Amazon is extending the Kindle platform capabilities with push messaging and look forward to building on top of it for a richer, more engaged application experience,” notes Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship.


Amazon Device Messaging is now available as a limited-access beta and is supported on Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire (2nd Generation) devices. Applytoday to get access through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal,and see just how easy it is to stay in touch.