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OpenFeint Users: How to Migrate to Amazon GameCircle

With the OpenFeint shutdown on December 14, 2012, many mobile app developers find themselves having to evaluate other social gaming platforms. One such platform that offers tremendous value to developers is Amazon GameCircle for Kindle Fire tablets.

GameCircle makes achievements, leaderboards, and sync APIs accessible, simple, and quick for you to integrate, giving gamers a seamless and entertaining in-game experience.

Additional benefits of GameCircle include:

  • Whispersync for Games: synchronize user game progress to the cloud, across multiple Kindle Fire tablets. Delight your customer by enabling them to save their progress, achievements, leaderboard scores, and all of the content they have unlocked--securely in the cloud.
  • Discovery: when integrated with any GameCircle feature, you have the opportunity to be featured on Amazon, including in the Games Starter Pack on Kindle Fire.
  • Plug-ins: GameCircle comes with plug-ins for many popular engines like Unity, Adobe Air ANE and Cocos2d-x,with more on the way. Even better, they are free. The new plug-ins are available here.

For detailed information on how to migrate from OpenFeint to GameCircle, click here.