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Testing Your App (IAP v1.0)

IAP v1.0 Deprecation Notice

In July 2014, Amazon released the In-App Purchasing (IAP) v2.0 API, which includes several important updates. As of April 30, 2016, Amazon will deprecate IAP v1.0 for new and updated app submissions. While this deprecation will not affect apps that are currently live in the Amazon Appstore, any apps submitted as either a new or updated app after May 11, 2016 will need to use IAP v2.0.


The SDK Tester tool, originally discussed on this page, has been deprecated.

If you need to access the old SDK Tester documentation, that content is still available online:

Testing Your App with SDK Tester (deprecated)

If you have upgraded IAP to IAP v2.0, update your existing unit testing process to use the App Tester tool. See Testing IAP 2.0 for details.

Note that if your app uses both the IAP v1.0 and Mobile Associates (MA) APIs, you will need to use the SDK Tester to test your IAP v1.0 APIs and use App Tester to locally test your MA APIs. Because the two Tester twos are not compatible with each other when installed on the same device, you will need to uninstall one tool while using the other, and then reinstall that tool. Ugrade your IAP APIs to IAP v2.0, which uses App Tester, to avoid this issue.

You can test receipt verification for purchases in the Receipt Verification Service's sandbox.

In addition to the App Tester, if you have successfully submitted your app to the Amazon Appstore, the LiveApp Testing tool enables you to beta test your app in a production environment with a select group of users.