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Introduction (VSK Echo Show)

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VSK for Echo Show Overview
Echo Show devices allow users to interact with experiences through voice or by touching the screen. Video skills designed for Echo Show can combine video content with voice interaction (multiple mo... more »
Features of VSK for Echo Show
Echo Show provides users with capabilities such as Login and Skill Enablement, Quick Play, Playback Control, Channel Navigation, Search, Browse, and Video Home. more »
Web Player Requirements
The video skill's web player opens in a web browser and supports the following codecs, formats, and standards:Video requirements: HLS/MPEG-DASH MP4 H.264 Widevine DRM Level 1 Encrypted Media Ex... more »
Video Skills for Echo Show Supported Countries
The following table lists the support for VSK on Echo Show devices. more »
Release Notes for Video Skills on Echo Show Devices
The following tables provide release notes for video skills for multimodal devices. more »