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IOS Ad Targeting Options

Besides ad unit size, there are a number of targeting options you can include in the request that is sent to the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. For example, you may include latitude and longitude gathered from the device as well as the user's age. To set targeting options, you must construct an AmazonAdOptions object and pass it to the loadAd method in AmazonAdView or AmazonAdInterstitial.

Optional: Including Latitude and Longitude

If your app or the device is enabled to provide the latitude and longitude coordinates, you can configure the Amazon Mobile Ads to provide these values to the Amazon Mobile Ad Network as part of an ad request. Requests that contain geographic location may earn higher CPMs. (This option is not available for devices in Europe.) Example:

AmazonAdOptions *options = [AmazonAdOptions options];
options.usesGeolocation = YES;

Optional: Floor Price

When making load ad requests, you can specify a floor price in micro-dollars. For example, if you wanted to earn a minimum of $0.85 per thousand ads returned, then you would specify "850000" micro-dollars. The floor price is set through the advanced options using the key "ec".

The code shown in the following example will only allow ads to be returned if they have a CPM of $0.85 or greater. Example:

AmazonAdOptions *options = [AmazonAdOptions options];
[options setAdvancedOption:@"850000" forKey:@"ec"];