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Analytics Components

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The Scope of What Analytics Tracks
Fire App Builder provides comprehensive tracking for about 10 content attributes and 25 events. The analytics actually surfaced in your reports depend on the analytics components you're using. more »
Crashlytics Component
Crashlytics (by Fabric) provides analytics around app crashes. The Crashlytics Component implements the IAnalytics interface. more »
Flurry Analytics Component
Flurry provides analytics for your Android app that shows details related to media playback. Through Flurry, you can get a better idea of how users are using and interacting with your app and its m... more »
Google Analytics Component
The Google Analytics Component allows you to gather analytics from your Android app using Google Analytics. Configuring the component requires you to set up a google-services.json file that you gen... more »
Omniture Analytics Component
Omniture gives you a JAR file to integrate into your app (instead of relying on API keys). The JAR file stores your security keys and other configuration information. more »
comScore Analytics Component
comScore provides in-depth analytics for your app, including insight into all playback events with your media and details about advertising message playback. more »
Track Additional Feed Attributes That Aren't Used
If you have a feed attribute that you want to track through analytics, but this attribute isn't used in any existing Fire App Builder tags, you can add this attribute. more »