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Known Issues of the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit

This topic lists the known issues of the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit.

Speech data

  • Viseme data is unavailable for some types of content. Examples of this content include, but are not limited to, reminders on devices with a screen, audio books, and any audio not spoken by Alexa (jokes not spoken by Alexa, sports news, and so on).
  • The gadget might not receive viseme data when Alexa's response contains a wakeword (for example, "Alexa", "Echo", or "Computer").


  • Specific to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE):
    • Pairing and connection issues can occur if the gadget is discoverable over both BLE and Classic Bluetooth. We recommend configuring your gadget for BLE-only mode for now.
    • Echo devices with screens falsely indicate that the connection did not occur even when the gadget connected successfully. You can verify the connection through gadget logs.
    • For Echo devices without screens, after the user chooses Forget Device in the Bluetooth section of the Alexa app, the paired gadget will remain listed under Connected Devices. To remove a gadget from both the Bluetooth section and the Connected Devices section, you must select Unpair for the gadget's listing in the Connected Devices section.
    • On Echo devices with a screen, the details of the gadget (for example, firmware version) will not be available under Settings.
    • On some Echo devices, gadgets that have been unpaired may immediately re-pair to the Echo device.
    • We are working to resolve issues that cause the Echo device and the gadget to occasionally stop communicating. If this occurs, reboot the Echo device.
    • Over-the-air (OTA) updates over BLE are currently not supported.

Time info

  • On some Echo devices, a StateListener.StateUpdate directive of type timeinfo might be sent more often than every 30 minutes.


  • The Alerts interface does not currently support triggering of music alarms.

Music data

  • Tempo data is sent to the gadget even when Amazon Music is muted.
  • When playing multi-room audio, which is when music is played on multiple Echo devices within the same household simultaneously, tempo data is not sent to the gadget. To avoid interruptions, disable multi-room audio while you prototype your gadget.