App Testing Service

The App Testing Service allows you to test your app to identify potential issues (if anything) with your app's compatibility on Android, Fire Tablets, Fire TV and Fire phone devices. Now you will also be able to test how your app's look & feel on Amazon and other devices.

How It Works

  1. Begin the upload process by dragging and dropping your Android application package file (the APK) into the upload box, or by browsing and choosing the APK to test.
  2. Once your APK is uploaded, testing begins, and you start to see any issues we find.
  3. View the test results, along with support documentation if you do need to make changes.
  4. Submit your app to the Amazon Appstore directly from the test results page.

Test History

As you are currently not signed into Amazon developer portal we have temporarily stored your test results and will make them available for 60 days.

Clear History