Quick Reference: Add List Support to an Alexa Skill

The following resources help you enable a skill to interpret and react to changes that happen to Alexa's shopping and to-do lists.

Concepts and procedures

API reference

  • Access the Alexa Shopping and To-Do Lists – The API documentation for the interface that gives a custom skill list management capabilities such as adding, getting, and deleting items from a list.
  • List Events in Alexa Skills – The API documentation for the interface that enables a skill to receive list events, such as when the user adds an item to a list.

Sample code

  • List Access Demo – Sample code that incorporates list support into a skill.
  • List Events Demo – Sample code that shows how you can have events sent to your skill when there are changes in the user's Alexa lists.
  • Berry Bash – A sample skill that uses the Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js to demonstrate how to use body templates, list templates, font manipulation, action text, screen interaction, and voice interaction with on-screen elements.

Blog posts