Launch Your Alexa Skill

Once you’ve built and tested your Alexa skill, you’re ready to submit it for certification so it can be published in the Alexa Skills Store.

What's Next?

After you publish your skill, there are steps you can take to reach new customers and continually improve their experience.

Promote Your Alexa Skill

Promote It Yourself

Spread the word about your skill on your own marketing channels.

Promotion by Amazon

Make your skill more likely to be promoted across Amazon’s marketing channels.

Marketing Guidelines

Refer to our guidelines for using the Amazon Echo and Alexa brands.

Measure and Refine Your Skill

Gather User Feedback

Learn what customers like best about your skill and which new features they’d like to see by viewing user feedback in the Alexa app.

Gain Insights from Usage Data

Use the metrics dashboard to see data about customers, sessions, utterances, and intents.

Interaction Path Analysis

Use interaction path analysis to identify interactions where customers commonly become blocked or exit your skill.

Intent History

Intent history provides skill developers with the aggregated and anonymized transcriptions of user speech data and intent request details for their skills, on a per-skill basis.

Next Steps

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