Submitting Visual Marketing Assets: Marketing Tip of the Day #4

One question developers commonly ask us is how they can grow their business by introducing their app to new Amazon customers. The Amazon marketing team is here to help. Each day this week we’ll offer a tip on how to market your app on Amazon.

Marketing Tip #4: A picture is worth a thousand words. Submit visual marketing assets to make your detail page pop!

Customers respond well to great visuals, as screen shots and video help customers understand your app when they consider purchasing or downloading it. We encourage developers to submit visual marketing assets to grab the attention of customers who are considering download of purchase of your app.  Our marketing team has a few tips:

  • Think of your detail page as a way to tell a narrative about your apps.
  • Use visuals to demonstrate to curious customers how your apps look and feel.
  • Take screenshots of different levels or features of your apps and display them in a logical order.
  • Provide visuals that complement the story you tell in your description.
  • The more visual marketing assets the better!


Steps to Upload Video and Screenshots

1) From the Mobile App Distribution Portal, navigate to the My Apps tab.


My Apps

2) Select the app you'd like to edit and navigate to the Images & Multimedia tab for that app. Then, click the Edit button.


Edit Images and Multimedia

3) Upload your videos, images, and screenshots. 


Editing Images and Multimedia

Promotional Images


We are now accepting promotional images, and our marketing team is using these images in featured placements to highlight apps to customers. Promotional artwork gives you an opportunity to capture the attention of customers using colorful imagery that reflects the essence of your apps. We encourage you to submit your promotional image now to take advantage of these new marketing opportunities. If you missed it, learn more about how your app can be considered for featured placements by visiting tip #2.

Sample Promotional Image

Dragon Story

Recommendations for creating effective imagery:


  • Strive for an engaging image that speaks to what your app is all about. 
  • Create promotional imagery that is colorful and promotes the essence of your app and brand.
  • Text should be large and readable.  Keep text simple.
  • Do not add the price to the image ($0.99) or any discount call outs (50% off)


Steps to Upload Promotional Imagery

1) Create or use an existing promotional image that is 1024 x 500 pixels. The images file should be in PNG or JPG format. 



2) From the Distribution Portal, navigate to the My Apps tab.  Select the app you'd like to edit and navigate to the Images & Multimedia tab for that app. Then, click the Edit button.


Edit Images and Multimedia

3) Select Upload Image from the Promotional Image field.  Choose the image you’d like to upload, and then save the image.  Images must be 1024 x 500 in PNG or JPG format.


Uploading Promotional Images

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