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Resources (VSK FTV)

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Alexa Client Library (VSK FTV)
The Alexa Client Library is a Java API that you add to your Android project in your video skill integration with your Fire TV app. The Alexa Client Library enables authentication with LWA, automati... more »
Basic Lambda Function (VSK FTV)
In 'Step 1: Create Your Video Skill and Lambda Function', you integrated some basic code as a sample Lambda function to get started. For convenience and easy reference, this function is a... more »
Channels List
The list of channels provides callsigns that can be included when receiving channel change directives. more »
Franchise List
Franchises refer to movies that multiple versions, such as sequels. Franchise requests can be difficult to fulfill because it's not clear which movie from the franchise the user wants. The followin... more »
Genre List
Genres refer to curated lists of content that are featured on special pages of your app (not just search results). more »