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Integration (VSK FTV)

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Process Overview for Implementing the VSK for Fire TV
This integration tutorial will help you integrate a Fire TV video-streaming app with Alexa video skills using Amazon Device Messaging (ADM). more »
Set Up the Sample Fire TV App with Video Skill
A sample Fire TV app that incorporates a video skill is available, in case you want to explore it. The sample app (optional in the integration step here) will allow you to see a directive pushed to... more »
Step 1: Create Your Video Skill and Lambda Function (VSK FTV)
In this step, you will set up a video skill through the Alexa developer console and also create a basic Lambda function on AWS to process communication from the video skill. more »
Step 2: Enable your Video Skill on an Echo Device and Test (VSK FTV)
Now that you've set up a video skill and Lambda function, it's time to test your app and observe the directives Alexa sends to you through the skill. You can use any Alexa-enabled device to test yo... more »
Step 3: Integrate the Alexa Client Library (VSK FTV)
In this step, you will take the video skill you created and make it interact with your Fire TV app. To integrate Alexa into your app, you'll need to integrate the Alexa Client Library. more »
Step 4: Integrate Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) (VSK FTV)
You need to integrate Amazon Device Messaging in your app. ADM will send messages to your app based on the directives your Lambda receives. more »
Step 5: Sign Your App and Configure a Security Profile (VSK FTV)
For your production app, Amazon handles your APK signature based on your Amazon account. However, for testing an app that incorporates a video skill, you need to sign your APK and associate this si... more »
Step 6: Create and Deploy Lambda Package (VSK FTV)
Now that you have the Fire TV app running, you need to update the Lambda function with capabilities to pass the directives received from the Alexa Video Skill API along to your app. more »
Step 7: Interpret and React to Alexa Directives (VSK FTV)
Types of Video Skill Directives Expectations for Reacting to Directives Best Practices for Coding Your Lambda Function Uploading the Finalized Lambda Next StepsTypes of Video Skill Directives... more »
Step 8: Auto-pair and Finalize Your Skill (VSK FTV)
So far, you have been using a skill which you had manually enabled from the Alexa app. Now that you've incorporated the client library, we can transform your skill from a manually-paired skill into... more »
Step 9: Test for Certification (VSK FTV)
The following guidelines detail the user experience requirements to certify your skill against. Review these guidelines carefully to ensure that your Fire TV video skill meets the certification req... more »