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Your Moments Console
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An action is the activity that you want your customer to complete at the end of your Moments campaign (such as: watch 10 min of video, complete level 10, run 3 miles, complete a learning course, become a paying subscription).


A campaign is time-bounded marketing plan. The goal is to encourage specific behaviors from your users, which you reward. For example, a campaign can be 'Holiday' campaign or '5th Anniversary' campaign or 'October Campaign' or 'AppX Campaign'.
Catalog credits
A reward option to give customers Amazon credits towards a sub-category on Amazon such as Headphones, Women Accessories, Educational Toys, or Electronics. Your customers can choose the item they want within the sub-category that is relevant for them. When searching for a reward you will see a Catalog Credits badge on these types of rewards.
In a challenge, a customer gets a notification of the campaign, such as 'Reach level X and get Reward Y' and then gets another notification when he or she achieves the event (such as 'You reached level X').
CPA (cost per action)
The cost of the reward that is offered to each user that completes the action.


Amazon operates marketplaces in key locations around the world. A marketplace corresponds to a country or a set of countries in a region that share a language. For example, the German marketplace ( also covers Austria and Switzerland. For details, see.
A moment is the action that a customer needs to complete. Within a campaign, you can have multiple moments. For example, in a holiday campaign, you might have a moment described as 'Reach level 5', another moment for 'Collect X coins', or another moment for 'Purchase your first IAP item.' This allows you to A/B test different moments within one campaign or target different customer segments in one campaign with different moments.


A notification that is sent from an AWS pinpoint to an app.


Reward Group
A reward group is the item or product that you want to reward the customer with when they achieve a moment. You can have multiple reward groups for each moment. For example, in the 'Reach level 5' moment, you might have a reward group for 'Free T-Shirt' and another reward group for 'Free bag of candy.' This allows you to A/B test different rewards for each moment or target different rewards at different customer groups.

Each reward group consists of a list of unique reward URLs. Each unique link is given and can be used by one customer only. When you configure the Moments, you share the quantity of unique reward URLs that you expect to have. This allows the Moments team to create the reward group and the right number of reward URLs.


Unlike a challenge, in a surprise, customers aren't aware that they will receive a reward after they achieve an event such as 'Reach level X.' Instead the customers receive a notification telling them they received the reward after achieving the action.