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Partner-Managed Row (Fire TV)

You submit recommendations to a Partner Managed Row (PMR) by using Android notifications. Amazon provides expanded functionality by using extra fields in the notification.

PMR on Android TV

The Android framework allows applications to submit recommendations by using Android notifications. In API level 21 and above, notifications may be tagged with a special recommendation category. You create a standard Android notification and set the category to Notification.CATEGORY_RECOMMENDATION.

Note that Android imposes a limit of 50 notifications active for at one time for any app. This includes notifications categorized as recommendations.

PMR Amazon Enhancements for Fire TV

Notifications and recommendations are submitted through the same mechanism on standard Android devices and Fire TV devices. Amazon's local recommendation mechanism is built on the standard Android ContentRecommendation.Builder API.

Expanded functionality is available through extras. Developers can add the following extra values to their Notification object.

Extra name Type Required Details String Yes This is a concise version of app name displayed as part of the text label of the Watch Now with … context menu. The length is limited to 15 characters and truncated if necessary. String Yes This rating will be used by the Parental Control settings on the Fire TV device to determine if a PIN is required for access. Any recommendation without this value will be treated as Mature content and may require a PIN, subject to the Parental Control settings on the device.

Supported values include:
NR ArrayList<String> No This helps determine in which Fire TV UI category a recommendation will appear. Defaults to Home if not supplied.

Currently supported values include Home, Your Videos, UHD:

Home: Movie or TV recommendations that should appear on the home screen

Your Videos: Recommendations for Movies and TV shows that can be consumed without additional payment by the customer

UHD: Used for 4K (Ultra HD) recommendations. This will add an UHD icon on mini-details

Not currently supported but reserved for future use: Movies, TV Shows, Trailers, Short Form. int No This extra is used to sort items in ascending order by rank, after which they are subsorted by time of submission (most recent first). If absent, time of submission is used alone. Possible values range from 0 to INTEGER.MAX_VALUE. The lower the value, the higher the rank; that is, low values appear ahead of high values. String No This id corresponds to the content id used in Catalog Integration. ArrayList<String> Yes This tag helps determine which options are available on the context menu for each recommendation. Note: PMR currently supports two context-menu actions, but only the first action is configurable. When clicking a recommendation tile or its first context menu option, the corresponding content intent data passed with the recommendation will be used to launch the application.

1Watch now with <App name>
2Resume with <App name>
3Switch <App name> Profile
103Switch Profile
4Change <App name> Settings
5View with <App name>
6Play with <App name>
7Listen with <App name>
107Listen int No This specifies whether a recommendation is live content, in which case its visibility should be governed based on CONTENT_START_TIME and CONTENT_END_TIME.

0 – Not live content
1 – Live content

Currently not supported. String Yes This indicates release year of the content (2016, 2015, 1977, etc.). int Yes This indicates whether or not the content has captions.

0 – Captions are not available
1 – Captions are available String No Specifies the IMDB id of the content. String No Specifies the IMDB rating of the content. long No Indicates the start time in milliseconds (EPOCH). long No Indicates the end time in milliseconds (EPOCH). String No This is a long description of a recommendation, limited to 512 characters and truncated if necessary. long No Indicates the last-watched time of the recommended content in milliseconds (EPOCH). String No Specifies a preview video or image URL for the recommendation.

Sample Recommendation Card

The following sample recommendation card shows how fields are displayed on the card.

The callout numbers on the card refer to the following fields:

  1. Title
  2. Text
  3. ContentImage
  4. Display Name (

    Depending on which tag(s) you associate with the recommendation, the button display label will vary:
    CategoryButton display label
    HomeWatch Now with <DISPLAY_NAME>
    Your VideosWatch Now with <DISPLAY_NAME>

Last updated: Oct 29, 2020