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 Custom integration | Amazon Pay

Custom integration

With a custom integration, you can add your own button code. The button code allows the payment amount to be passed through a parameter and the transaction to be signed prior to making an API call.

To use the Amazon Pay button in a custom integration, you need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Register with Amazon Pay. If you have already registered for Amazon Pay, you can proceed on to Step 3 and add an Amazon Pay button to your website.
  2. Set up an Amazon Pay Sandbox test account.
  3. Add an Amazon Pay button to your webpage with the custom integration.
    1. Add the Amazon Pay JavaScript Reference.
    2. Build and create an Amazon Pay button.
    3. Specify the parameter values.
    4. Collect the payment.
    5. Generate a signature for the payment request.
    6. Integrate return URL parameters.
    7. Validate the signature.
    8. Retrieve the shipping address.
    9. Test your integration in the Sandbox environment and then switch to Production.
  4. Collect and manage payments.

Note: You can download code samples and demos that show how to perform an express integration in various languages (C#, Java, PHP, Ruby) at the Amazon Pay Express Demo.