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Marketing on Amazon.com

Whether you're preparing to launch a new Alexa-enabled product on Amazon.com or looking to increase sales momentum throughout the year, Amazon offers a number of generally available marketing capabilities that help you reach your target customer base. Get started with available services by following the directions below.

Adhere to AVS Terms and Guidelines

All device makers building Alexa-enabled products for commercial distribution must adhere to our Terms and Agreements and our Marketing and Brand Guidelines.

Marketing Opportunities

A+ Detail Page on Amazon.com

Your Alexa-enabled product detail page on Amazon.com is your digital retail associate. Learn how to enhance your detail page with A+ content, including additional product information, branded content, and images:

  • Login to your Vendor Central account > Merchandising > A+ Detail Pages, OR
  • Login to your Seller Account > Advertising > Enhanced Brand Content to access A+ detail page options.
  • Avoid text in images. Text in images is not as readable for customers using a mobile device and is not indexed in Amazon.com search.
  • Add keywords to image meta-descriptions to improve search rankings for your product on Amazon.com.
  • Review our recommendations in our Marketing and Brand Guidelines
  • See step-by-step instructions on how to get started with building A+ detail page content here.

Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine allows you to submit your Alexa-enabled product for review by trusted Amazon customer reviewers prior to launch. Here's how to get started:

  • Login to your Vendor Central account > Merchandising > Amazon Vine, OR
  • Login to your Seller Account > Advertising > Early Reviewer Program to learn more about Vine.
  • Enroll products 35 to 45 days before launch to ensure Vine reviews appear on launch day.

Participation in Promotions

Customers love Amazon.com for its product selection and amazing prices. It's what brings people back for all their shopping needs. You can submit your Alexa-enabled product for participation in a variety of promotional opportunities. Get started here:

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) enables you to reach new customers for your Alexa-enabled product through targeted, performance-based marketing solutions on Amazon.com. Get started here:

Seller Account

Not yet selling on Amazon.com? Create a Seller Account to begin selling your Alexa-enabled product to Amazon customers.