Steps to Add Alexa Shopping Actions to Your Skill

With Alexa Shopping Actions, you can recommend products to the customer for purchase and hand-off the purchase flow to Alexa. If your skill is part of the Amazon Associates on Alexa, you can recommend products to your customers and earn money from qualifying purchases. For an overview of Alexa Shopping, see Add Alexa Shopping Actions to Your Alexa Skill.

Complete the following steps to add Alexa Shopping Actions to your custom skill.


To use Alexa Shopping Actions, your skill must comply with the following prerequisites:

Add Alexa Shopping Actions to the skill manifest

To enable Alexa Shopping Actions, add the shoppingKit field to the privacyAndCompliance object in your skill manifest file. After you save the file, update the skill manifest by using the Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface.

The following example shows the skill manifest configured with Alexa Shopping Actions.

"privacyAndCompliance": {
    "allowsPurchases": false,
    "containsAds": false,
    "isChildDirected": false,
    "isExportCompliant": true,
    "shoppingKit": {
        "isShoppingActionsEnabled": true
    "locales": {
       "en-US": {}
    "usesPersonalInfo": false

Design the product recommendation

When you recommend products, choose products that add value to the customer. You might want to recommend your own products or products from other sellers on Amazon. For details about how to design the product suggestion voice flow, see Design the Product Recommendation.

Implement the shopping flow in your skill code

After the customer confirms interest in a product, your skill starts the Alexa Shopping flow by using the skill connections interface to invoke one of the following shopping actions:

  • To add a product to the customer's Cart, use AMAZON.AddToShoppingCart.
  • To add a product to the customer's Wish List, use AMAZON.AddToList.
  • To enable the customer to purchase a product, use the AMAZON.BuyShoppingProducts action to transfer the shopping and checkout process to Alexa.
  • To recommend a number of products (up to 10) to the customer to hear more about, use the AMAZON.RecommendShoppingProducts action.

All actions start a multi-turn interaction between Alexa and the customer to complete the shopping experience. Before you transfer control to Alexa, make sure that you save any important session information. After the action completes, Alexa hands control back to your skill. Resume your skill based on the results of the action. Make sure that your skill handles decline and errors gracefully.

For details, see Implement Alexa Shopping Actions in Your Skill.

Handle cancel order requests

Customers can cancel a purchase order and ask for refund by visiting the Amazon retail website or by asking Alexa to cancel the last order after exiting the skill. Your skill should handle the AMAZON.CancelIntent. For details, see Standard Built-in Intents. When you receive this intent, remind the customer to go to their Amazon account to alter the order.

Test your skill

Use the developer console to test your skill and the Alexa Shopping Actions implementation. For details about how to test your skill by using the developer console, see Validate and test your skill.

To verify the shopping flow, include the following test scenarios:

  • If your skill is registered with the Amazon Associates on Alexa program, you must verify that your skill provides the disclosure that the skill earns commission by following the product recommendation guidance.
  • Product recommendations.
    • Verify that the placement of the recommendation makes sense.
    • Verify that the suggestion to learn more requires a Yes/No response to confirm interest in the product.
    • Verify that the purchase prompt doesn't include any pricing information.
    • Make sure that the customer doesn't receive a purchase suggestion for a product they already own.
  • Buy action flows.
    • Verify that the placement of the purchase suggestion makes sense.
    • Verify that the suggestion to buy the product requires a Yes/No response to confirm interest in the product.
    • Customer declines the recommendation.
    • Customer purchases the product.
    • Customer declines the purchase during the interaction with Alexa.
  • Add to cart flows.
    • Customer declines the recommendation.
    • Customer adds the product to their Cart.
    • Customer declines the product during the interaction with Alexa.
  • Add to list flows.
    • Customer declines the recommendation
    • Customer adds the product to their Wish List.
    • Customer declines the product during the interaction with Alexa.
  • Recommend products flows.
    • Customer declines the recommendations
    • Customer confirms they want to learn more.
    • Customer declines the recommendations during the interaction with Alexa.
    • Your skill receives a session error response.
  • Customer asks for a refund.
    • Verify that the skill reminds the customer to visit the Amazon retail website to change their order.
  • Don't continue to recommend a product that received a success response.
  • If your skill supports multiple marketplaces, test in each marketplace. You can use the Alexa Simulator to test in the default locale for each marketplace.

Certify and publish your skill

After you complete testing, define your skill details that appear in the Alexa Skills Store and in the Alexa app, and then submit your skill for certification.

Define skill details

You define skill details and availability on the Alexa developer console. For Alexa Shopping actions, complete the following information.

To define details for skills that use Alexa Shopping actions

  1. For Does this skill use Alexa Shopping Actions?, click Yes.
  2. For Are you using Alexa Shopping Actions in your skill as part of the Amazon Associate program?, click Yes if your skill is registered with the Amazon Associates on Alexa program; otherwise, click No.

Certification requirements

Your skill must meet the certification requirements that apply to all custom skills. For details, see Certification Requirements for Custom Skills.

Your skill must also meet the following certification requirements for skills that include Alexa Shopping Actions.

  1. Preserve the customer identifier. Don't continue to suggest a product to a customer who already consented or declined the product recommendation.
  2. Handle a request to cancel an order. Remind the user that they can go to their Amazon account to alter the order.
  3. When you define Alexa skill store details and availability, to enable shopping for products on Amazon, your skill description must note that the skill uses Alexa Shopping. Include the following sentences in the appropriate language in your skill description.

This skill uses Alexa Shopping to make purchases on Amazon. Alexa allows purchasing by voice using your default payment and shipping settings. You can set a voice confirmation code, turn off purchasing, and see product and order details in your Alexa app.

Cette Skill utilise Alexa Shopping pour gérer les achats sur Amazon. Alexa vous permet de faire des achats vocaux selon vos paramètres de paiement et d'expédition par défaut. Vous pouvez définir un code de confirmation vocale, désactiver les achats et afficher les détails des produits et de vos commandes dans votre application Alexa.

Dieser Skill verwendet Alexa Shopping, um Shopping-Aktionen auf Amazon auszuführen. Alexa ermöglicht das Einkaufen per Sprachbefehl mit Ihren Standard-Bezahl- und Lieferoptionen. In Ihrer Alexa-App können Sie einen Sprach-Bestätigungscode einrichten, Einkaufen per Sprachbefehl ausschalten, und Details zu Ihren Produkten und Bestellungen einsehen.

यह स्किल Amazon पर खरीदारियां करने के लिए Alexa शॉपिंग का इस्तेमाल करती है. Alexa आपके डिफ़ॉल्ट भुगतान और शिपिंग सेटिंग का इस्तेमाल करते हुए वॉयस से खरीदारी करने की अनुमति देती है. आप अपने Alexa ऐप में वॉयस कन्फ़र्मेशन कोड सेट कर सकते हैं, खरीदारी बंद कर सकते हैं और प्रोडक्ट और ऑर्डर का विवरण देख सकते हैं.

Questa Skill usa Alexa Shopping per aggiungere al carrello o comprare su Amazon. Alexa consente l'acquisto con la voce utilizzando le impostazioni di pagamento e spedizione predefinite. Puoi impostare un codice di conferma vocale, disattivare l'acquisto e visualizzare i dettagli del prodotto e dell'ordine nella tua app Alexa.

このスキルは、アレクサショッピングを使用してAmazonでショッピングアクションを実行します。Alexaでは、デフォルトの支払い設定と配送設定を使用して音声で購入できます。 Alexaアプリで音声確認コードの設定や、購入をオフにしたり、製品と注文の詳細を確認できます。

Essa skill usa compras com a Alexa para comprar na Amazon. Com a Alexa, você compra por voz usando suas configurações padrão de pagamento e de envio. Defina um código de confirmação de voz, desative a compra e veja detalhes do produto e do pedido no app da Alexa.

Esta Skill usa Alexa Shopping para realizar compras en Amazon. Alexa te permite comprar con la voz utilizando tu configuración predeterminada de pago y envío. Puedes añadir un código de confirmación de voz, desactivar las compras y ver los detalles del producto y del pedido en la app Alexa.

For details about how to validate and submit your skill, see Submit Your Skill for Certification.

Monitor the skill and view payments

Monitor your live skill in the Analytics section of the Alexa developer console. Metrics for Alexa Shopping Actions include recommendations and conversions.

If your skill is registered with the Amazon Associates on Alexa program, you can view your payments in the Associate portal.