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API Reference (VSK MM)

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API Reference Overview (VSK MM)
Video skill directives are sent from Alexa to your Lambda function. Directives are JSON messages that contain instructions about performing a specific action, like getting metadata for a video. The... more »
Discovery Directives (VSK MM)
Amazon sends a Discover directive through the Discovery API to determine what capabilities your video skill supports. Your response to the Discovery directive determines what types of directives Al... more »
GetPlayableItems Directives (VSK MM)
When users ask Alexa to play movies, TV shows, recordings, etc., using criteria such as VideoName, ActorName, or GenreName, the VideoContentProvider API sends GetPlayableItems directives to your La... more »
GetPlayableItemsMetadata Directives (VSK MM)
Immediately after Alexa receives your Lambda's response to GetPlayableItems, the VideoContentProvider API sends a GetPlayableItemsMetadata directive as a follow-up to get metadata for the items ret... more »
GetPlayableItems Directives for Channel Navigation (VSK MM)
When users say utterances to change the channel (e.g., "Watch PBS") the VideoContentProvider API sends a GetPlayableItems directive to your Lambda with information about the desired channel to play. more »
GetDisplayableItems Directives (VSK MM)
When users make utterances to find content or try to access the content provider landing page, the VideoContentProvider API sends a GetDisplayableItems directive to your Lambda. more »
GetDisplayableItemsMetadata Directives (VSK MM)
Immediately after Alexa receives your Lambda's response to GetDisplayableItems, the VideoContentProvider API sends a GetDisplayableItemsMetadata directive back to your Lambda. The purpose of the Ge... more »
GetNextPage Directives (VSK MM)
When users select to go to the "next page" of search results, or when they scroll beyond the viewable search results on the screen, the VideoContentProvider API sends a GetNextPage directive to you... more »
GetBrowseNodeItems Directives (VSK MM)
When a user selects a search result on the screen whose selection action is set to display another layer of search results, rather than initiate playback, the VideoContentProvider API sends a GetBr... more »
Error Handling (VSK MM)
In the event of an error, you should return an error code in the response so that Alexa can take a specific action. more »
Badging (VSK MM)
It is often useful to have badges, or contextual images, on search result tiles or over video playback to provide useful information to the user. This section covers the types of badges available, ... more »