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Process Overview for Implementing the VSK for Fire TV

This integration tutorial will help you integrate a Fire TV video-streaming app with Alexa video skills using Amazon Device Messaging (ADM). Following this integration, you will be able to use your Echo or Fire TV voice remote to directly control your integrated Fire TV app. For a higher-level overview of the integration, see Video Skills Kit for Fire TV Apps Overview.

Outcomes After the Integration

In the first part of the integration process (steps 1 and 2), you'll set up an Alexa Video API skill with some basic Lambda code and test it out. This will give you a quick way to see the video skill in action with Alexa responding to user requests for video controls. You do not need to have the Fire TV app running for this portion, and you won't be sending messages using ADM yet.

When you're finished, you'll enable the following interaction on an Alexa-enabled device or app:

User: Alexa, play [movie or TV show]

Alexa: Getting [movie or TV show] from Fire TV Sample Skill

User: Alexa, change channel to [some network]

Alexa: Tuning to [some network] on Fire TV Sample Skill.

Interaction ends.

Replace "[movie or TV show]" with any move or TV show indexed on IMDb, such as Bosch. Replace [some network] with a broadcast network, such as ESPN.

In later steps in the integration process (steps 3 through 7), you will enable this same voice interaction on your Fire TV app, customized to your specific app catalog. In these later steps, you'll customize the Lambda configuration, integrate and initialize the Alexa Client Library into your app, test auto-pairing skills, and more. When you're finished, you'll enable the same voice interaction as before but with media titles specifically from your app (rather than all of IMDb).

Integration Steps

The process for integrating the Video Skill API into your Fire TV app is broken into the following steps:

Sample Fire TV App with a Video Skill

If you want to view a sample Fire TV app that incorporates a video skill, you can download a sample app forked from Fire App Builder. The sample app incorporates a working video skill. Although the sample app is simple, it shows ADM and the Alexa Client Library integrated, and once configured, plays up a video when you ask Alexa for the video by title. For details on setting up the sample app, see Sample Fire TV App with Video Skill.

Get Started

If you want to set up the sample Fire TV app with the video skill, go to Sample Fire TV App with Video Skill. Otherwise, continue on with the first step of the integration process by going to Step 1: Create Video Skill and Lambda.