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Step 1: Explore - Know Your Options

1. Explore - Know your options 2. Choose - Find a solution 3. Fit - Update your code 4. Verify - Test your app 5. Push - Submit your app

For device messaging, Amazon offers the Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) SDK and the A3L Messaging SDK. Features available in Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) might differ from features available in Amazon SDKs. Review your app to see which FCM features your app requires, then use the following table to see what options are supported by Amazon. After reviewing your app, continue to the next section to see how to make your app compatible with Fire OS.

Category FCM Feature Supported in ADM? Supported in A3L Messaging?
Message type Push notifications
Message type Data messages
Message type Push notifications with data
Targeted messaging Single device messaging
Targeted messaging Device group messaging
Targeted messaging Topic messaging
Client-to-server messaging Upstream messaging

Supported on Android devices    Supported on Fire OS devices

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Last updated: Mar 24, 2022