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Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills FAQ

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What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is a service offered by Amazon Payments that lets customers use the payment methods already associated with their Amazon accounts to make payments for goods, services, and donations. Customers can use their payment methods on file in their Amazon accounts. Learn more about Amazon Pay.

What is Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills?

With Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, you can use a simple voice purchasing flow to sell real-world goods or services used outside the skill experience. Examples include real-world goods, event tickets, and delivery service. After you’ve integrated Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, your customers don’t need to provide credit card details or shipping addresses or link the skill to a separate account. Customers need to grant permission to use Amazon Pay for each skill in which they want to make a purchase.

What kind of products and services can I sell using Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills?

You can use Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills to pay for your real-world goods or services ordered through Alexa skills. Examples include event tickets, transportation, and flower delivery. You must comply with the Amazon Pay Acceptable Use Policy for your region:

How much does it cost to use Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay charges merchants a per-transaction processing fee that varies by Amazon Pay region. We charge a transaction fee, an authorization fee, and a cross-border fee when applicable. The authorization fee is non-refundable. See the current Amazon Pay fees for your region:

How do I get started?

To start selling products and services from your Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, the main steps are:

  1. Sign up for Amazon Pay in the appropriate region:
  2. Create an Alexa skill.
  3. Set up your payment workflow and integrate Amazon Pay in your skill.
  4. Test and certify your Alexa skill.

What use cases are eligible for using Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills?

With Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, you can use a voice purchasing flow to sell real-world goods or services (like event tickets, transportation, and flower delivery).

Can a charitable organization build a skill that uses Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills and then use it to accept donations?

A charitable organization can accept charitable contributions in USD through Alexa Donations, which does not require Alexa skill development in the US. For more information, see the Amazon Pay FAQ for charitable organizations.

For other regions or currencies, donations and charitable solicitations are a restricted activity and allowed only on an individual basis. To request approval for using our payment services for donations and charitable solicitations, contact Amazon Pay Sales.

How will I measure performance?

You can measure skill usage in the Amazon Developer Console. You can measure sales performance of your products and services in Amazon Seller Central:

Do certification requirements differ for Alexa with Amazon Pay Skills?

Yes, they're different. Every skill requires certification before it is added to the Alexa skill store. See the Certify your Skill with Amazon Pay.

When will Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills be available for skills published in other countries?

Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills is generally available to all US-based developers and US-based users and is in developer preview in the UK and Germany. To learn more, contact us:

Does Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills support one-time purchases, subscriptions, and trial subscriptions?

Yes, Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills supports one-time purchases, subscriptions, and trial subscriptions for real-world goods and services.

What is the customer's purchase experience?

When the customer enables the skill, the skill asks their permission to use Amazon Pay as their default payment method for purchases made using the skill and to allow Amazon Pay to share the customer’s name, email address, and address with the skill developer so that the skill developer can fulfill the purchase. Amazon does not share credit card or bank account information with the skill developer of an Amazon Pay-enabled Alexa skill. After the payment has been processed, the customer receives payment confirmation via the Alexa App and email. Customers can review all payments made using Amazon Pay by signing in at

How are refunds handled?

Merchants are responsible for handling returns and providing information to the customer about the returns process as part of the skill experience.

What if customers bought something by accident in a skill using Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills?

If customers make an accidental purchase, they can contact Amazon Pay customer support, who will help direct them to the merchant to cancel their order. Customers can also prevent accidental purchases by turning off voice purchasing or setting up a voice purchasing code.

Am I eligible to receive customer billing addresses?

This depends on the region that you operate in. All EU-based merchant accounts are eligible to retrieve billing addresses if they're VAT-registered and the Amazon Pay Seller registration contains your VAT information. You can rely on Billing Address to be available in the response only if the returned Billing Agreement is in an Open state.

How do I get more help?

If you didn't find the answer to your question here, contact us in one of two ways:

  • For questions about Amazon Pay, contact Merchant Support from your Seller Central account in the EU, in JP, or in the US.
  • For questions about Alexa skills, contact Alexa Developer support.