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Badging Requirements

Alexa Built-in is an enhanced marketing program that incentivizes developers and device manufacturers to provide high quality, Alexa integrated products, ensuring your customers have an intuitive, hassle-free Alexa experience. When your products fulfill the requirements, they can carry the Alexa Built-in badge on product detail pages and product packaging. This increases customer confidence that your products integrate seamlessly with Alexa, which in turn increases traffic to your products.

All developers and device manufacturers must comply with the Alexa Built-in Program Guidelines to be eligible to apply for Alexa Built-in usage.

Alexa Built-in badge guidelines

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developers and device manufacturers must meet the guidelines below to be eligible to use the Alexa Built-in (ABI) badge. To maintain eligibility for the ABI badge for your products, you must at all times comply with these program guidelines, the Alexa Built-in Trademark Usage Guidelines, and the Marketing and Branding Guidelines, which may be updated from time to time.

To obtain approval to use the Alexa Built-in badge, the requirements below must be met. Alexa Built-in badge approval is determined on a product-by-product basis. ABI badging of one of your products does not guarantee that your other AVS products will be certified or approved to use the ABI badge. If you would like to seek ABI badging for multiple AVS products, please submit all of your products for certification.

How to get the Alexa Built-in badge

Step 1: Build the required features and capabilities

Depending on your Alexa integration type, developers and device manufacturers should implement the recommended product features to deliver an optimal customer experience for your product. To be eligible for the badge, all products shall meet the product feature requirements by product type.

Step 2. Meet the minimum security requirements

Developers must implement all reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the Alexa Service when developing AVS products. To be eligible for the badge, all devices must meet the minimum security requirements for AVS products.

Step 3. Submit your product for certification

Testing and certification for Alexa Built-in products consists of four test categories: Functional, UX evaluation, Music, and Acoustic. Before submitting your product for testing, your team must undergo security review and self-testing. Once security and self-test results have been received, you can submit your product for AVS certification testing.

If your product meets all testing requirements, it will be approved for launch and will advance to the eligibility verification phase of Alexa Built-in badging.

Step 4. Maintain a quality product

Customers trust that Alexa Voice Service (AVS) products associated with the Alexa Built-in (ABI) badge meet a high standard for quality and integration with Alexa. Amazon may conduct periodic reviews of ABI products to ensure that they continue to meet the below quality standards expected of the ABI Program.

  1. Each ABI badged product must maintain a favorable customer experience. We may evaluate the overall customer experience of your product using Amazon customer reviews, Alexa registration, or customer engagement rates, among other things.
  2. Your AVS device must be up-to-date with the latest applicable AVS API functionality. If Amazon introduces new features or functionality to the AVS API for your ABI certified product, you must update your Alexa integration to include the new feature or functionality as applicable.
  3. If you update your product using an Over The Air (OTA) update, you may need to re-certify your AVS products to maintain eligibility for ABI badging.

Step 5: Display the Alexa Built-in badge on Amazon

Once your product meets the eligibility requirements, the Alexa Built-in badge will automatically be applied on for the ASINs you specified on your certification intake form.

If your ASIN has changed or a new ASIN has been created for your badged product, contact with the new ASIN and date of certification.

If you have received confirmation from Amazon that your product has been certified with a specific ASIN and the badge is not appearing on, please contact with the ASIN and date of certification.

Step 6: Add the Alexa Built-in badge to your marketing materials

After receiving the Alexa Built-in badge, you are also eligible to apply to use the Alexa Built-in badge on product packaging and other marketing materials. All marketing materials must comply with the Alexa Built-in Alexa Built-in Trademark Usage Guidelines and the Alexa Built-in badge requirements.

Submit your materials to for review.

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