Build the Alexa Voice Service Device SDK

The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Device SDK includes development tools and libraries to build an Alexa Built-in product.

Prerequisites to build the SDK

Become familiar with the dependencies and the authorization flow of the SDK. For details, see Dependencies and Authorization.

Tools to build the sample app

A sample app gives you a basic understanding about how to build the SDK. You can build a sample app that implements the AVS Device SDK on macOS, Raspberry Pi, and Ubuntu. Two sample apps, one for the voice-only implementation and one for the smart screen implementation, are available:


The sample app configuration files control runtime configuration of the AVS Device SDK Sample Applications. The AVS Device SDK Inter-Process Communication (IPC) Client Framework API framework provides namespace-organized inbound and outbound messages. You use these messages for a variety of core Alexa features and functionality that you implement through the IPC Server Sample App. The Sample App Reference section contains the following references for the sample apps:

You can dive deep into advanced features of the SDK by using the following implementation guides:

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Last updated: Nov 30, 2022