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Leaderboards and Tournaments Overview

The Leaderboards and Tournaments Service enables you to easily create in-game events to boost user engagement and retention. Use the Leaderboards and Tournaments APIs to host leaderboards, multi-round competitions, leagues and prizes.

Leaderboards and Tournaments is available in any of the countries/regions where AWS is offered. Use Leaderboards and Tournaments on any operating system, device, surface, or screen size.

The Leaderboards and Tournaments system is powered by a set of micro services built on the native AWS platform. Developers integrate the REST APIs into their game to take advantage of the Leaderboards and Tournaments services, while maintaining complete control of the gameplay and UX from the app.

Because all of the functionality is accessible through these APIs and we do not rely on a client component such as an SDK, there are no restrictions on the development platform (Unity, XCode, Android Studio, etc.), operating system (iOS, Android, Fire OS etc.), surfaces and screen sizes (Mobile, Desktop, Console, TV).

You create, manage, and monitor competitions through the self-service Leaderboards and Tournaments Console, and then call the various Leaderboards and Tournaments APIs to display available competitions, have players participate in the competitions, submit the scores of their gameplay, and redeem digital prizes.

Leaderboards and Tournaments Features

  • Create multi-format competitions and leaderboards.
  • Enable end-users to create competitions in-game.
  • Award in-game prizes. 
  • Define entry requirements to filter the players that can join a competition.
  • Create and manage team competitions.
  • Choose the regions and countries where your tournaments are offered.
  • Use Tournament Organizer to offer Leaderboards and Tournaments tournaments from Twitch.

For detailed feature descriptions, see Leaderboards and Tournaments Features