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Instructions for RVS Sandbox Environment

Use the RVS Sandbox along with the App Tester testing tool to verify your receipts in a test environment before you publish your app to the Amazon Appstore. The RVS Sandbox is included as a .war file in the Amazon Android SDK zip file. From the Apps & Games Services SDKs page, click the Android link to download the SDK file.

You must install the Amazon App Tester tool on an Android mobile device before you can use the RVS Sandbox.

To set up the RVS Sandbox:

  1. Install and start the Apache Tomcat server:
    1. From the Apache Tomcat website, download and install the Apache Tomcat server (version 6 or later).
    2. Configure Tomcat to use your credentials. In the /apache-tomcat-< version >/conf/tomcat-users.xml file, add the following elements:

            <role rolename="manager-gui"/>
            <user username="MyUserName" password="MyPassword" roles="manager-gui"/>
    3. If you have not already done so, change the permissions on the /apache-tomcat-< version >/bin/ to make the file executable:

      $ chmod +x /apache-tomcat-< **_version_** >/bin/
    4. To start the Tomcat server, run the /apache-tomcat-< version >/bin/ file.

      $ /apache-tomcat-< **_version_** >/bin/
    5. Verify that the Tomcat server is running by opening a web browser window and going to: http://localhost:8080/.

      If the Tomcat server is running, you will see the Apache Tomcat/< version > homepage. Now you can deploy the RVS Sandbox.

  2. Deploy the RVS Sandbox:
    1. Unzip the Amazon Android SDK zip file.
    2. In the Amazon Android SDK folder, navigate to AmazonInAppPurchasing/tools.
    3. Locate the RVSSandbox.war file and note its file path.
    4. From the Tomcat homepage in your browser, select Manager App, and scroll to the Deploy section.
    5. From the Deploy section, navigate to WAR file to deploy > WAR file to upload > Browse > From Apps-SDK, choose the RVSSandbox.war file.
    6. Choose Deploy to view the RVSSandbox in the list of applications. Be sure that the Running column has a value of true.
    7. From the list of applications choose RVSSandbox, or in the browser visit http://localhost:8080/RVSSandbox/.

      The following confirmation message indicates that the RVS Sandbox is running:

      Receipt Verification Service Sandbox is up!

Example: RVS Sandbox request

The following request verifies a receipt in the RVS Sandbox:


This call receives the following sample JSON response:


Last updated: Mar 01, 2021