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Manage Competitions

Use the GameOn Console to create and manage your GameOn competitions.

Login to the GameOn Console

Use your Amazon login credentials to log in to the GameOn Console

Create a competition

General fields

  1. From the Your Competitions tab, select a game for the new competition.
  2. Select Single-player Competitions from the Competition Type drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Create Competition button.
  4. Enter data for the mandatory fields:
    • Competition Name - the name is visible to the players.
    • Start Date and End Date - times are displayed in local time zone.
  5. (Optional) In Leaderboard rules, change the default scoring criteria:
    • By default, leaderboard stat is set to score.
    • By default, the highest score wins. For a game such as Golf, select Lowest score wins.
    • By default, in a game with multiple attempts, the best score wins. As an alternative, you can select Sum of all scores wins
  6. (Optional) In Countries, you can limit the geographical reach of your competition.
    • By default, your competition is available world-wide.
    • If you click Targeted Countries/Regions, you can select multiple countries and/or marketplaces for your competition. For details, see Country Restrictions.

Add prize bundles to the competition

After you use the GameOn Console or the Admin API to create prizes, use the GameOn Console to add prize bundles to the competition.

A prize bundle specifies the rank (or range of ranks) of the players that are eligible to win this prize bundle. The prize bundle also defines the prize or prizes that the eligible players will win.

To create a prize bundle, enter the following fields:

  • Rank From - the highest rank in the leaderboard that is eligible for this prize bundle
  • Rank To - the lowest rank in the leaderboard that is eligible
  • Bundle Title - enter a title for this prize bundle.
  • Prize Type - select In-App Prizes
  • Prizes - select one or more of the prizes from the list, and click Add Prize.
Add prizes

The GameOn Console displays a list of prize bundles below the Add Prize form. Optionally, you can add an image URL or a description for each prize bundle. These fields are included in the prize information that the Game API sends to the game.

Advanced Options

Note: Some configuration options are currently not available in the GameOn Console. For example, you need to use the Admin API to define Requirement Groups. After that, you can use the GameOn Console to filter the competition player lists using Requirement Groups.

Enter additional information about the competition.

  1. In the Advanced options panel, expand Additional information.
  2. Enter text for the following fields as desired. These fields are sent to the game in the response to the Get Tournament Details API call:
    • Subtitle: Subtitle for the competition.
    • Description: Description of the competition.
    • Image URL: URL for an icon or image that the game will display.
    • Metadata: Additional text, such as rules or disclaimers.

Set entry and visibility requirements

Use the Admin API to create requirement lists. After that, your requirement lists will be available in the GameOn Console. Use your requirement lists to filter the players that can enter (and/or view) your competition.

Set entry requirements for the competition

Select a requirement list to specify the players who can enter the competition:

  1. In the Advanced options panel, expand Customizations.
  2. Select Custom in the Entry Requirements drop-down list. The Add Group button becomes visible.
  3. Click Add Group. The system opens a pop-up form.
    • Choose one of the Preset GPS locations from the Geographic Parameters list.
    • Choose one or more of the Preset custom parameters from the Custom Parameters list.
  4. Click Save.

Set visibility requirements for the competition

To choose the same requirements list as the players who can enter the competition, select Same as entry in the drop-down list.

You can select a different requirement list to filter the players who can view the competition. Use the same steps 1-4 above to select a requirement list.

Other advanced options

  1. In the Advanced options panel, expand Customizations.
  2. Change the following selections as desired:
    • Maximum players - maximum number of players that can enter the competition.
    • Maximum attempts per player - maximum number of game attempts per player.
    • Number of Leaderboards - The default is one leaderboard. You can create up to 50 leaderboards, each with a maximum of 50 players.
    • Password Protected - By default, the competition is open to all players. You can create a password to restrict entry to the competition.
    • Prize Release - By default, prizes are released automatically at the end of the competition. If you set the prize release to manually, you need to release the prizes explicitly from the Leaderboard page of the GameOn Console. This option allows you to review the leaderboard before releasing prizes.

Set Leaderboard Stat

The Leaderboard rules section contains a drop-down selector, which contains the list of game stats. Select one stat as the leaderboard stat.

Add stats form

If you have not defined any game stats for your game, you do not need to select a value. The field remains at the default value, which is Score.

The Competition detail page displays the selected leaderboard stat.

Add stats form

Create a Series of Competitions

  1. Create a competition, using the steps described above.
  2. In the Advanced options panel, expand Customizations.
  3. Under the Recurrence heading, click the pencil icon.
  4. In the pop-up form:
    • Select whether to repeat the competition daily or weekly
    • For weekly, select one or more days of the week to hold the competition
    • Enter an end date, or the maximum number of occurrences for the recurring competition.

List the Competitions for a Game

  1. From the Your Competitions tab, select a game from the drop-down list.
  2. If required, select Single-player Competitions from the type of competition drop-down menu.

View Competition Details

  1. Select a competition to view the competition leaderboard.
  2. In the left menu, click Competition Details to view other information about the competition.