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Get Started for Developers

This section provides the resources to help game developers to get started with the GameOn Service.

The GameOn API supports a variety of options and features, so it can be challenging to know where to start. We recommend that you work through the Android tutorial and then integrate a basic tournament into your game.

Major GameOn Components

The major components of the GameOn service include:

Game API: Use the Game API to integrate GameOn competitions into your games. For details about the Game API, see the Game API reference.

GOTO Twitch Extension: Game On Tournament Organizer (GOTO) is a Twitch extension that enables Twitch streamers to create GameOn tournaments for their games.

GameOn Console: Use the GameOn Console to perform Admin Tasks, for example to create and manage GameOn competitions.

Admin API: The Admin API provides programmatic access to the same capabilities as the GameOn Console. For details about the Admin API, see the Admin API reference.

Quickstart Resources


Get started with the GameOn extension and Demo project for GameMaker.


Get started with the GameOn Unity Starter Kit and GameOn Sample Unity Game. See the Unity Resources.

Android Tutorial

To work through a quick example of GameOn integration, explore our Android tutorial.

This tutorial starts with a very simple Android game, and steps through the integration steps required to create a GameOn tournament for the game.

Learn About GameOn

Feature Descriptions

To learn about all the different GameOn features, see GameOn Overview and Feature Descriptions.

Simple Tournament Steps

To implement a simple tournament for your game, you need to add only a few of the GameOn API integration points into your game software. To learn about these integration points, see Tournament Integration

Additional Tournament Features

GameOn supports a variety of tournament types, scoring options and other features. To learn how to integrate these features into your game, see Additional Tournament Features

API Reference Documentation

API reference specs provide details of all the methods, required and optional parameters, and the payload returned in each response.

Game API

For details about the Game API, see the GameOn Game API reference.

Admin API

For details about the Admin API, see the GameOn Admin API reference.