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Web Apps for Fire TV

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Getting Started with Web Apps
Amazon Fire TV, including both Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick, supports HTML5 web apps. You can port your web app to a new platform and submit it to the Amazon Appstore with minimal effort. more »
Supporting Controllers in Web Apps
Amazon Fire TV supports user input from the Amazon Fire TV remote, the Amazon Fire game controller, and other game controllers that support the Bluetooth HID gamepad profile. These controllers give... more »
The Web App Starter Kit for Amazon Fire TV
The Web App Starter Kit for Amazon Fire TV has been discontinued. This toolkit is no longer supported. The GitHub repo has also been put into a read-only, archived state. more »
Customizing Your Web App
To customize your web app, you can (1) Code for device-specific appearance or behavior and have your app detect the device on which it is running, and (2) Customize navigation and the way focus is ... more »
User Agent Strings
The Amazon Fire TV platform includes the Android WebView, the Amazon WebView, and the Amazon web app platform. Each has an associated user agent string. more »
Migrate Your Existing Web App
Amazon Fire TV supports HTML5 web apps. If you have an existing web app that you want to make available on Fire TV, review the following checklist for migrating your web app to the Fire TV platform. more »
Cordova plugin for Amazon Catalog Ingestion
The Cordova plugin for Amazon Catalog Integration makes it possible to integrate your HTML5 web app with the Amazon Catalog. By integrating with Amazon Catalog, users can perform voice searches for... more »
Web App FAQ
The following are frequently asked questions about Amazon Fire TV Web Apps. Examples include how to customize button behavior, close the app, support DRM, and more. more »
HTTP Caching
If your web app deals with any personally identifiable consumer information or any other sensitive information it is important to consider the implications of the browser cache. more »
Protect Your Web App
Communication on the Internet is susceptible to eavesdropping and malicious tampering. The Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program recommends you take action to protect customers using the web apps ... more »
Install and Use the Amazon Web App Tester
You can use the Web App Tester to evaluate app performance before you submit the app to the Amazon Appstore. Web App Tester lets you see how your HTML5 web app or mobile-optimized web site performs... more »
Debug Your Web App
You can use Chrome DevTools on your development machine to debug a web app that is running on a Fire TV device, Fire tablet or other Android device. Connect the development machine and host device ... more »
Install and Run the Debug APK to Test Your App
Once you submit your web app for review, Amazon turns it into an APK (Android application package file), which is the format needed for distribution on the Amazon Appstore. A copy of the APK is ava... more »
HTML5 Hybrid Apps
HTML5 hybrid apps are platform-native apps that can present web content as part of the client application. Developing your app as a hybrid app allows you to provide capabilities that are not possib... more »
Build and Test Your HTML5 Hybrid App
Amazon WebView API (AWV) is a Chromium-derived web runtime exclusive to Fire OS. AWV is a transparent replacement for the standard Android WebView. AWV makes it possible to create better performing... more »
HTML5 Hybrid App FAQ
The following are frequently asked questions about hybrid apps. Topics include understanding the Amazon Webview, benefits of the WebView, the Android WebView class, support across devices, and more. more »