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Handle Echo Button Skill Errors

To control Echo Buttons and to start receiving Echo Button input, your skill responds to any request from Alexa and includes a GameEngine or GadgetController directive in that response. This topic describes what happens if your directive fails.

Receiving an Error

If the directive that you send fails – for example, you send an invalid Input Handler definition or an invalid animation sequence – then Alexa ends the session with a SessionEndedRequest. Alexa does not send the skill a System.ExceptionEncountered request.

The form of the request is below. The type and message fields provide information about the problem.

  "type": "System.ExceptionEncountered",
  "requestId": "The ID for this request",
  "timestamp": "2017-08-16T00:50:56.365Z",
  "locale": "en-US",
  "error": {
    "type": "What kind of error this is.",
    "message": "Description of the error."
  "cause": {
    "requestId": "The ID for the original request, the response to which resulted in this error."