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Alexa Footer Layout

The Alexa Footer Layout is used to consistently display hints at the bottom of a screen. The Alexa Footer layout is supported across different device displays.

To use the Alexa Footer Layout, add the 'alexa-layouts' package to your document's package import array. The version must always be specified in the import, and is currently 1.0.0. See APL Document properties.

        "name": "alexa-layouts",
        "version" : "1.0.0"


All are optional.

Name Type Default Description
hintText string None Hint text to display in the Footer.
"mainTemplate": {
      "item": {
            "type": "AlexaFooter",
            "hintText": "Hint Text"

The Alexa Footer Layout can be used with textToHintTransformer to automatically add the correct wake word to a hint string shown in an APL document. The textToHint transformer is applied to a property on the data source that binds to the Alexa Footer Layout. See Transformers.