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Understanding A3L Messaging

The A3L SDK is an app store independent abstraction library that can reduce the effort it takes to port and maintain your code. With the A3L SDK, you write code one time and use the same code for apps you submit to both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Without A3L, when adding a feature in your app, such as cloud messaging, you might have to implement one solution for Android devices and another solution for Fire OS devices. When you use the A3L SDK, it handles the solution-specific details. The A3L SDK provides you with a common interface that allows you to create one implementation for both Android and Fire OS devices.

The A3L Messaging SDK is the abstraction library for cloud messaging, which you can use to send messages to your app. It supports Android as well as Fire OS devices. The A3L Messaging SDK has a dependency on Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Android devices, and Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) for Fire OS devices.

Feature comparison

With A3L Messaging, you can send push notifications to engage with your users, or send custom data messages to be processed by your app. The following table describes the features offered in the A3L Messaging SDK as compared to FCM and ADM.

Feature support comparison between FCM, ADM, and A3L Messaging

Category Feature FCM ADM A3L Messaging
Message type Push notifications
Message type Data messages
Message type Push notifications with data
Targeted messaging Single device messaging
Targeted messaging Device group messaging
Targeted messaging Topic messaging
Client-to-server messaging Upstream messaging

Supported on Android devices    Supported on Fire OS devices

Download the A3L Messaging SDK

You can download the A3L Messaging SDK here:

Next steps

See Get Started with A3L Messaging.

Last updated: Jun 06, 2022