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Launch Your Alexa Skill

Alexa Skills Kit

Launch Your Skill and Reach Customers

Now that you've built and tested your skill for Alexa, you're ready to submit it for certification. After your skill passes certification, it will be published in the Alexa Skills Store for anyone to discover and use. There, your skill can reach tens of millions of customers through devices with Alexa like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show.

Submit Your Skill for Certification
Set yourself up for a seamless certification process. Prep your skills using our certification guidelines.

Tips for Smart Home Skills

Refer to our Smart Home Skill Publishing Guide to ensure your skill meets the special certification requirements for this skill type.

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Tips for Flash Briefing Skills

Use our checklist to make sure your skill's content, associated images, URLs, and descriptions meet Amazon's policy.

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Tips for Custom Skills

Perform these tests to ensure your skill has a robust voice user interface and meets the requirements for certification.

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Tips for Video Skills

Evaluate your customer experience with these functional tests. And make sure your skill meets the bar for responsiveness.

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Promote Your Skill

Tips on Promoting Your Skill

Use our tips and design templates to spread the word about your skill.

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Alexa Skills Marketing Guidelines

Refer to our guidelines on using the Amazon Echo and Alexa brands.

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Measure and Refine
Evolve your skill over time to add new features and enhance the customer experience.
Gather User Feedback

Check the Alexa app for user feedback. Learn what your customers like best about your skill as well as what additional features they'd like to see.

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Gain Insights from Usage Data

Dive into usage data on your metrics dashboard. Analyze data points and visualizations on customers, sessions, utterances, and intents.

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Scale Your Skill Using AWS

Add new functionalities and evolve your skill using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Build a professional-grade backend that can handle usage spikes.

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Apply for AWS Credits

Build and host most Alexa skills for free using (AWS). Apply to receive AWS promotional credits if you incur AWS usage charges for your skill.

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Build Your Next Skill

Once your skill is published and successful, it’s time to start thinking about your next skill. What else can you make faster, easier, or more delightful with voice? Take in the inspirations below, and start daydreaming about what you'll create next for voice.

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