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Build Your Alexa Skill

Alexa Skills Kit


Build and Host Your Skill in the Cloud

Once you've designed your voice interaction, you're ready to start building your skill. Alexa is based in the cloud so she’s always getting smarter and customers never have to download updates to your skill.

You can build and host most skills for free with AWS Lambda, which is free for the first one million calls per month. You can also apply for AWS promotional credits if you incur AWS charges related to your skill.

Alexa Skills Kit APIs

You can use the following ASK APIs to deliver different types of customer experiences.

Custom Skill API

Add voice to your big idea or existing service. Build a custom interaction model and enable customers to call an Uber, order pizza, look up information, and more—all hands-free with voice.

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Flash Briefing Skill API

Extend the reach of your existing feeds, and use Alexa to deliver fresh content to your customers via pre-recorded audio clips or text-to-speech (TTS) updates.

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Video Skill API

Build experiences that allow your customers to easily find and consume video content on devices without invoking a specific skill.

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Music Skill API

Enable customers to stream your music catalog on any device with Alexa built-in. Take advantage of Amazon’s music skill voice model to deliver a reliable, high-quality experience.

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List Skill API

Enable customers to manage their shopping and to-do lists, or create their own lists for any purpose or occasion.

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Smart Home Skill API

Build skills that enable hands-free control of nearly any feature on any smart device—including lights, thermostats, cameras, smart TVs, and more.

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Echo Buttons Skill API

Control and receive input from Echo Buttons to create first-to-respond and multiple choice games, sequence puzzles, and more.

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Alexa for Business APIs

Build and deploy skills for the workplace, and use location-enabled context to automate administrative and help tasks.

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Baby Activity Skill API

Create Alexa skills that help customers keep track of their baby activities simply by asking Alexa including weight, feeding, diaper change,and sleep.

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Development Tools

Take advantage of ASK tools to define your voice interaction model, build your backend cloud service, test your experience, publish your skill, and analyze customer usage.

ASK Developer Console

Use the ASK Developer Console in your browser to help you create, manage, test, and publish skills. You can also access analytics showing customer use.

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Access developer console functions from the command line and programmatically with the ASK Command-Line Interface (ASK CLI) and ASK Skill Management API (SMAPI).

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Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

If you use Visual Studio Code, take advantage of the ASK Toolkit to access CLI functions and see the results in an integrated terminal.

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SDKs and Code Samples

Take advantage of Java, Node.js, and Python SDKs and code samples to quickly and easily build the cloud service for your Alexa skill in the language you choose.

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Development Options

You can also apply for promotional credits that cover some Amazon Web Services (AWS) usage charges, and take advantage of third-party tools and agencies.

AWS Promotional Credits for Alexa

Alexa developers can host most Alexa skill cloud services for free using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Tools and Agencies

Find an experienced team to help you bring your Alexa skill to life using tried-and-true tools.

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Make Money with Your Alexa Skill

In-Skill Purchasing
Sell premium content to enrich your Alexa skill experience. Examples include such as game products, unlocked features and content, and more.

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Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills
Alexa offers a new sales channel for brands and merchants who want to sell physical goods and services.

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Alexa Developer Rewards
Make money for eligible skills that drive some of the highest customer engagement in eligible skill categories.

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Release Update

See a list of new features and tools in the Alexa Skills Kit. Learn more



Whatever your level or experience, you can get started quickly using one of our tutorials.

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Weekly Office Hours

Drop in with your questions and thoughts. We're here to help you through the skill-building journey.

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Enhance Your Skill for the Screen

Adding visual elements and touch can make your voice-first experiences even more delightful, engaging, and easy to use. Design, build, and deploy visually rich experiences to tens of millions of Alexa devices with screens. Use the Alexa Presentation Language to create voice-first, visual Alexa skills that adapt to different device types, including Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, Fire Tablet, and more. Apply for the preview.


Test Your Skill

After you’ve built your skill, test it to make sure it’s working as intended. And gather user feedback to resolve issues and make improvements before you launch.

Test Simulator

Test your Alexa skill using the Test Simulator. Simply input text or use voice to interact with your skill.

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Test your skill using Echosim, an online community tool which simulates the experience of an Amazon Echo.

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Skill Beta-Testing Tool

Invite up to 500 beta users to test your Alexa skill and provide feedback. Then refine your UI before you publish your skill.

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