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API Reference (VSK Fire TV)

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API Reference Overview (VSK Fire TV)
Alexa converts the utterances users say (for example, utterances to search for a TV show or to play a movie) into directives. A directive is a set of data and instructions, expressed in JSON, that ... more »
Discovery Interface (VSK Fire TV)
When users first start using your app, Alexa sends a Discover directive through the Alexa.Discovery interface to determine what capabilities your video skill supports. Your response to the Discover... more »
Alexa.RemoteVideoPlayer Interface: SearchAndPlay (VSK Fire TV)
When users ask Alexa to play specific video content, such as "Play Bosch" or "Play the Warriors game," the Alexa.RemoteVideoPlayer interface sends SearchAndPlay directives to your Lambda. more »
Alexa.RemoteVideoPlayer Interface: SearchAndDisplayResults (VSK Fire TV)
When users say utterances to find media, such as "Search for [X]," the Alexa.RemoteVideoPlayer interface sends SearchAndDisplayResults directives to your Lambda. For this directive, your app's logi... more »
Alexa.ChannelController Interface (VSK Fire TV)
When users say utterances to change the channel (e.g., "Alexa, change the channel to PBS"), the Alexa.ChannelController interface sends ChangeChannel directives to indicate that the channel should ... more »
Alexa.PlaybackController Interface (VSK Fire TV)
When users make transport control utterances (e.g., Stop, Rewind, Play, etc.), the Alexa.PlaybackController interface sends transport control directives (Pause, Play, Stop, Resume, Next, Previous, ... more »
Alexa.SeekController Interface (VSK Fire TV)
When users say to skip ahead or rewind by a specific duration (such as "Alexa, fast forward 5 minutes" or "Alexa, skip ahead 60 seconds"), the Alexa.SeekController interface sends an AdjustSeekPosi... more »
Alexa.VideoRecorder Interface (VSK Fire TV)
When users say utterances to manage recordings (e.g., "Alexa, record new episode"), the Alexa.VideoRecorder interface sends SearchAndRecord, CancelRecording, and DeleteRecording directives to your ... more »
Alexa.RecordController Interface (VSK Fire TV)
When users make utterances about starting or stopping content recording, the Alexa.RecordController interface sends StartRecording and StopRecording directives to your Lambda. These directives shou... more »
Entity Types for Video Content (VSK Fire TV)
The entities object consists of a list of objects, each of which contains a type and a value along with other possible data such as external ids. Possible values are listed in the sections that fol... more »
Alexa.KeypadController Interface (VSK Fire TV)
When users make requests to select or scroll through onscreen elements, the Alexa.KeypadController interface sends a SendKeystroke directive with a keystroke value (e.g., UP, DOWN) to your Lambda. more »
Error Handling (VSK Fire TV)
If Alexa sends a request to your skill and you can't handle it successfully, respond with an Alexa.ErrorResponse event. Specify the type of error and why it occurred. You can respond synchronously ... more »