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Quick Reference: Design Skills for Alexa-Enabled Devices With a Screen

The following resources help you create skills that support Alexa-enabled devices with a screen, such as the Echo Show.

Concepts and procedures

API reference

  • Alexa Design System for APL – A reference to pre-build components you can use with Alexa Presentation Language.
  • APL Document – A reference to the APL document structure, the core object you build when ussing Alexa Presentation Language.
  • Display Interface Reference – The API reference that describes how to use display templates in your skill code to achieve the look and feel that you want for your skill.
  • Display Template Reference – The API reference that provides specific information about display templates that you may want to include in your skill responses to create screen displays for your skill.
  • Standard Built-In Intents for Alexa-Enabled Devices With a Screen – The built-in intents that are meant specifically for screen display, which include built-in intents that are handled on the skill's behalf, as well as built-in intents that are forwarded to the skill to handle.
  • VideoApp Interface Reference – The API reference for the VideoApp interface, which enables you to stream native video files on Alexa devices with a screen.

Sample code

  • Berry Bash – A sample skill that uses the Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js to demonstrate how to use body templates, list templates, font manipulation, action text, screen interaction, and voice interaction with on-screen elements.
  • Airplane Facts – A sample skill that demonstrates how to write skills for Echo Show and Echo Spot using the Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Java v2.

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