Your Moments Console
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Register Your App/Website

To create a Moments campaign, you must register the app or website in the Moments console.

In the Moments User Guide, we use the generic term app to encompass all of the types of games, apps and websites that can use the Moments Service.

Log in to Moments Console

Navigate to the Amazon Moments Console.

If you are not logged-in, the console redirects you to the Amazon Developer Sign In page. Log in with your Amazon Developer credentials to continue.

If you do not have an Amazon Developer account, click the Create your Amazon Developer account link on the Sign in page to create an account:

  1. Email and password The Registration form includes three tabs:
  2. Profile Information. Fill out mandatory fields in the registration page
  3. App Distribution Agreement. Read and accept the agreement
  4. Payments. Leave payment options at their default values.
  5. Click Save and Continue
  6. The portal takes you to the Developer Portal dashboard. Navigate to the Amazon Moments Console and log in using the account that you just created.

Register the App

  1. From the App Configuration tab, click Register App. The console displays a modal Register your app form.
  2. Enter the fields in the form (fields are described in the table below).
  3. Click Register App.
Field Description
App/Website Name Enter a name for the app.
Category Select a category for your app.
Description Enter a text description of the App.
Support Email Enter the support email address for this App.

The console displays a modal dialog box to confirm that your app is now registered:

You will need the App ID and API Key to use the Moments API. Save these two values.

Manage Your Registered Apps

The App Configuration tab displays information about each of your registered apps.

The following table describes the available information and actions:

Field Description
App/Website Name The name of the app or web site that you registered.
Configuration Status The status of the app. Values include Configuration Pending and Configuration Complete
Registration Details Click this link to get information about the app/website.
Delete Click this link to deregister the app/website.