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Additional Tournament Features

After you understand basic tournament integration, you can incorporate additional tournament features into your games, such as team tournaments, country restrictions, and entry requirements.

Pages at a Glance

GameOn Teams Overview
Overview of how to create and manage team competitions. more »
API Methods for Team Tournaments
The GameOn API provides methods to create and manage team competitions. Use the task flows as a guide for planning the updates that you will need in your game to support team tournaments. more »
Game API Advanced Security
The Game API provides a choice of standard or advanced security. Advanced security is more complex than standard security, but provides a higher level of security. more »
GameOn Country Restrictions
The Country Restriction feature allows you to set geographical restrictions when you create a competition. You can set the country restriction using the API or the GameOn Console. more »
Tournament Entry Requirements
Filter the players that can enter a tournament by using entry requirements or an access code. more »
Stats-based Leaderboards
Describes how to use stats-based leaderboards. more »