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The Web App Starter Kit for Amazon Fire TV

The Web App Starter Kit for Amazon Fire TV, available on Github at, includes the Fire TV web app template and associated text files. The Fire TV web app template is both an illustration of best practices for developing a web app for Fire TV and a starting point for developing your own web app.

Video Tutorial

For a video tutorial on creating a WASK app from a YouTube feed, see the following webinar recording:

Working with WASK

You can easily create your own app by replacing sections of code in the template with your code, making the tweaks your app requires, and using your own data sources.

The template is an app that displays movies in different categories. These categories are displayed vertically in the left-hand navigation pane, and the movies in each category appear in a horizontal row to the right of the category.

The user can navigate up and down the left-hand navigation pane or move to one of the rows and navigate back and forth in the row. The user can also select one of the movies in a row to see details about that movie.

Although the items in the template are movies, the same format and techniques can be used for almost any sort of items.

The template incorporates good design for Amazon Fire TV web apps, optimized user experience, and handling input from the Amazon Fire TV Remote. For more information on Fire TV design guidelines, see Design and User Experience Guidelines.

For more information on handling controller input, see Getting Started with Web Apps.

Downloading the Template

The Amazon Fire TV web app template is available for download from GitHub at

For information on installing and running the template, see the accompanying Readme. For information on the structure of the template and on the visual presentation, see the accompanying "Architecture" and "Styling" files. 

For Brightcove Video Cloud Customers

Brightcove Video Cloud customers can start with the Brightcove Web App Kit solution, an easy way to get content from the Brightcove Video Cloud into an Amazon Fire TV app template.

The Brightcove Fire TV Web App Kit is available for download from Github here. For more information on installing and customizing the template, see the supporting documentation in Github.