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Get Set Up

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Download Fire App Builder and Build an App
To get set up with Fire App Builder, download the project from GitHub, make sure you have the Java JDK and Android Studio installed, and then open the sample "Application" directory. more »
Connect to Fire TV Through ADB
In this step, you'll connect ADB to a Fire TV and run the app on a Fire TV device. ADB allows you to build and run your app on a Fire TV device. more »
Take an App Tour
After you have successfully built the app, spend some time exploring the various screens. The following sections show what each screen in the sample app in Fire App Builder. more »
Try Out the Alexa Integration
Fire App Builder includes Alexa integration by default. You can use voice commands to control media playback, such as play, pause, stop, rewind, fast-forward, and so on. more »
Customize the Fire App Builder Sample Project
The first step in creating your app is to customize the "Application" folder. The Application folder contains the sample app created with Fire App Builder. more »
Supporting Topics Related to Getting Set Up
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