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Catalog Ingestion

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Getting Started with Catalog Ingestion
Catalog ingestion is the process of submitting your media to Amazon so that it can be surfaced to users. You first define all the metadata about your media (movies, tv shows) in a catalog file that... more »
Step 1: Create Your Catalog File
In this step, you create a catalog file that contains the metadata for your app's media content. The catalog file must follow the Catalog Data Format (CDF) schema. more »
Step 2: Validate the Catalog File
After you create your catalog file, you must ensure that it is well formed XML and validates against the CDF schema. An incorrectly formatted or invalid catalog file will be rejected by the catalog... more »
Step 3: Set Up Your AWS Account for Catalog Ingestion
Catalog ingestion uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools to upload your catalog and manage the users who have access to the tool used to store your catalog. Before uploading your catalog file, you ne... more »
Step 4: Upload Your Catalog File to Amazon
After you've verified that your catalog file is valid and set up your AWS account, you're ready to upload your catalog file to the S3 bucket that Amazon set up for your catalog. You can upload your... more »
Step 5: Verify that Your Uploaded Catalog Has No Errors
After you upload your catalog file, Amazon posts a report to your catalog bucket indicating success or failure for the import of your catalog data each time that you upload a new catalog file. Revi... more »
Catalog Data Format (CDF) Schema
This topic provides a dictionary of the elements available in the Catalog Data Format (CDF) schema, used to construct a catalog of your media content for upload to Amazon Fire TV. more »
Catalog Ingestion Report Messages
A catalog data format (CDF) ingestion report is generated for each catalog file that an Amazon Fire TV client uploads to Amazon. The report states whether the catalog file was successfully integrat... more »
Migrating a Catalog File to the Latest CDF Version
This page describes changes involved in each version of the Fire TV CDF schema beginning with v1.0, and gives a series of steps to follow to update a catalog file to the latest version. more »