Quick Reference: Play Audio in an Alexa Skill

The following resources help you add audio to your skill, whether it is in the form of sound effects from the Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library or streaming long-form audio using the AudioPlayer interface.

Concepts and procedures

API reference

  • SSML audio tag – The tag that you use to embed sound effects into Alexa's speech.
  • AudioPlayer Interface Reference – The API reference for the AudioPlayer interface, which provides directives and requests for streaming audio and monitoring playback progression.
  • PlaybackController Interface Reference – The API reference for the PlaybackController interface, which notifies your skill when the user interacts with player controls such as the buttons on a device, a remote control, or the next/previous touch controls on an Alexa-enabled device with a screen.

Sample code

  • Skill Sample Node.js Audio Player – A sample skill that demonstrates how to use the AudioPlayer interface to play pre-recorded and live audio streams within a skill programmed in Node.js.

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