Music Service Providers Overview

Alexa can play music from multiple Music Service Providers (MSPs), including Amazon Music, Audible, TuneIn, and audio streaming via Alexa Skills. Access to third-party music or radio services using the Alexa Service is essential to a good experience with Alexa. As new MSPs are on-boarded, this documentation and the music certification process will be expanded to include any additional requirements.

Working with Music Service Providers (MSPs)

The following AVS interfaces are used to control playback and send progress reports to the Alexa service:

If you are implementing the Multi-Room Music (MRM) SDK on your device, the MRM library classes include functionality to retrieve and decode audio content from Music Service Providers.

If your device is using a Connected Speaker Skill to control music on third-party audio systems, learn more about the Connected Speakers APIs.  

Audio formats

Learn which audio formats are supported by Music Service Providers (MSPs) for codecs, containers, streaming formats, and playlists.

See Recommended Media Support.

Working with display cards

If your product has a display, Display Cards allow you to render “Now Playing” information for music. Refer to the following UX guidance on the correct controls for each offering, for each type of display:

Music testing and certification

If access to third-party music or radio services using the Alexa Service is supported by your product, then music certification is required by Amazon Music, TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

Learn more about our Product Testing Process.