Build Your Alexa Skill

Once you’ve designed the voice experience for your customers, you’re ready to start building your Alexa skill.

How It Works

Step 1:

Create an account in the developer console.

Step 2:

Choose which skill type you’ll build and some basic configuration.

Step 3:

Choose to have your skill hosted by Alexa, or host it yourself using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or your back end of choice.

Step 4:

Start building your skill in the developer console or the Alexa Skills Kit Command-Line Interface (ASK CLI).

Step 5:

Test your skill to ensure it’s working as intended.

Step 6:

Submit your skill for certification to the Alexa Skills Store.

Step 7:

Continually optimize and refine your skill to keep your customers happy and engaged.

Let’s Build!

Take our step-by-step training course to be guided through this process, or do it yourself using the resources on this page.

Not a Developer?

You can still build an Alexa skill—no coding required. Create a skill in minutes with a Skill Blueprint template or hire an experienced agency to build your skill.

Alexa Development Tools

Decide How You’ll Build

Before you start building your skill, you’ll want to decide which of these two development tools meets your needs best.

Option 1: Developer Console

Use the developer console in your browser to help you create, manage, test, and publish skills. You can also access analytics showing customer usage. This is ideal for developers who want to have a visual representation of their voice user interface.

Go to the Developer Console

Option 2: ASK CLI and SMAPI

Access developer console functions from the command line and programmatically with the ASK Command-Line Interface (ASK CLI) and ASK Skill Management API (SMAPI). This is ideal for advanced programmers who want to automate parts of their skill building process.

See ASK CLI Documentation
See SMAPI Documentation

Use Our SDKs and Code Samples

Use our Node.js, Python, and Java SDKs and code samples to quickly and easily build the cloud service for your Alexa skill in the language you choose.


Skill Types

To build your skill, you’ll need to choose an interaction model to use. You can use a pre-built model—which includes a set of APIs that helps you build common skill types—or you can design your own custom model.

Custom Skills

Design a unique experience for your customers by building your own custom interaction model.

Flash Briefing Skills

Give users control of their news feed with a pre-built interaction model.

Smart Home Skills

Give customers control of their smart home devices with a pre-built interaction model.

Music Skills

Let users search, pause, skip, or shuffle music in your skill with a pre-built interaction model.

Video Skills

Enable customers to easily find and consume video content with a pre-built interaction model.

Baby Activity Skills

Let customers log and retrieve events for their infants with a pre-built interaction model.

Meetings Skills

Allow users to search for and book available meeting rooms in their office with a pre-built interaction model.

Host Your Skill

Let Alexa Host Your Skill

Don’t want to host your skill? Leave it to us by selecting the Alexa-hosted option. Alexa-hosted skills is free for most developers and is the fastest way to get started developing Alexa skills. 

Host Your Own Skill

If you’d like more control over your skill’s back end, you can provision it yourself on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or the back end service of your choice. With AWS Promotional Credits for Alexa, you can build and host most Alexa skills for free.

Test and Optimize Your Skill

Best Practices

Learn about best practices for testing your Alexa skill.


Test Simulator

The Test Simulator allows you to test your Alexa skill by inputting text or using voice to interact with your skill.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Evaluation

Use the NLU evaluation tool to create and run a set of tests against your model.

Utterance Profiler

Use the utterance profiler to test user utterances and improve your skill’s interaction model.

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