Test for False Alarm Rate (FAR)

An Alexa Built-in device should wake up for the wake word only. Use the False Alarm Rate (FAR) test to calculate the number of times a device incorrectly wakes up within 24 hours.

Test room configuration

Keep the Noise Speaker at the same position as in your FRR and RAR tests. The Speech Speaker isn't needed for FAR testing.

Acoustic Testing Noise Speaker Location
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For full instructions, see Setting up your Test Environment.

Test steps

Prepare the test environment

  1. Turn up the Speech Speaker volume loud enough to make sure that the device has no trouble hearing the utterance from the Speech Speaker:
    • On the Speech Laptop, play the FAR test audio file (FARTest.wav).
    • Adjust the Speech Laptop volume level so that the SPL value is ~70 dBC when measured at the microphone array of the device.
  2. Reset the audio file to its start, and then pause playback.
  3. Make sure that the device is able to respond to an utterance. For example, ask, "Alexa, what time is it?"

Test at each speech speaker location

  1. Note what time it is, and then say "Alexa, add Starting FAR test at (the current time) to my ToDo List." (If the device fails to handle the utterance, fix the problem, and then restart the FAR test from the beginning.)
  2. Start playing the FAR test audio file.
  3. Open the FAR tab of the Scoresheet.
  4. In the table, enter the date and time you started the test.
  5. If you used the same account for the rest of the tests, copy the account information from the Information tab. However, if you used another account for the FAR test, look up the serial number corresponding to that account.
  6. After 24 hours have passed, say "Alexa, add Stopping FAR test at (the current time) to my ToDo List."
  7. In the "FAR" tab table, enter the date and stop time.

View the results

To pass False Alarm Rate testing, make sure that your device meets the following criteria:

Metric Passing criteria
FAR - Wake Word False Alarm Rate Three or fewer wakes in a 24-hour period

See the Amazon passing criteria for all acoustic tests.

Submit your results

If you've completed all testing, and your metrics illustrate passing criteria, email your results to AVS-Certification-Labs@amazon.com for Amazon to review your scoresheets and confirm your results. After Amazon confirms your results, ship the requested devices to Amazon for testing. For more details, review our full Testing and Certification Process.