DeviceSetup interface

The DeviceSetup API is used to handle events and directives related to device set up during or after an out-of-box experience.

Capability Assertion

DeviceSetup 1.0 may be implemented by the device on its own behalf, but not on behalf of any connected endpoints.

New AVS integrations must assert support through Alexa.Discovery, but Alexa will continue to support existing integrations using the Capabilities API.

Sample Object

  "type": "AlexaInterface",
  "interface": "DeviceSetup",
  "version": "1.0"

SetupCompleted Event

The SetupCompleted event is used to inform Alexa when a product has completed setup after an out-of-box experience (OOBE). Alexa can use this event to trigger on-boarding experiences like a short first time conversation on supported devices.

When to sent this event:

This event should be sent when device setup has been completed and Alexa is ready.

Sample Message

    "event": {
        "header": {
            "namespace": "DeviceSetup",
            "name": "SetupCompleted"
        "payload": {
            "assistedSetup": "NONE or ALEXA_COMPANION_APPLICATION"

Payload Parameters

Parameter Description Type
assistedSetup Allows Alexa device to indicate if device setup is assisted using Amazon's Alexa companion application. Accepted values: - NONE, ALEXA_COMPANION_APPLICATION. String

HTTP Response

Response Description
204 Device successfully notified AlexaService about device setup event.
400 There's an error with the event.

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023