Support for Matter over Thread coming to Echo and eero devices

Gabe Kassel Nov 03, 2021
Echo eero Thread Matter Support

Today, we are excited to announce our support for Matter over Thread in millions of Echo and eero households, further expanding Amazon’s commitment to Matter and reinforcing our smart home philosophy of flexibility, privacy, collaboration, and interoperability.

Supporting Smart Home’s most popular protocols, including Matter and Thread

There are over 140,000 smart home products compatible with Alexa, and customers have connected more than 200 million smart home devices to Alexa over wifi, Zigbee, and BLE. By adding support for Matter, over Thread and wifi, we are continuing our efforts to ensure customers can use Alexa with as many devices as possible while allowing device makers to build with their preferred protocols.

Thread provides a low-power, low-bandwidth, and low-latency mesh networking option when building Matter devices. We are already working with leading brands who are creating Matter over Thread devices, such as Yale, Wemo, Schlage, Sengled, Netatmo, Eve, Nanoleaf, Tuya, eWeLink and Leedarson.

Amazon increases commitment to Thread, joins Board of Directors

After contributing to the Thread Group for over five years as a member, we are now joining the Thread Group Board of Directors to help shape the future of this key Matter protocol. As a board member, we are excited to provide thought leadership and advocacy for Thread as a standard, contribute to ongoing open-source development, and increase the number of Thread border routers. We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting Matter over Thread across millions of new and existing Echo and eero devices. All eero Pro, eero Beacon, eero Pro 6, and eero 6 devices already act as border routers, and they will gain Matter over Thread support alongside Echo (4th Gen) in time for Matter’s SDK release next year. Support for additional Echo devices is expected to follow later.

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