Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developer tools are no longer generally available for Alexa Built-in. Please visit the Works with Alexa program if you are interested in building devices that connect to Alexa.

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Smart TVs and Screens

Alexa expands your device’s capabilities. With Alexa, you can create voice-first experiences that provide a more intuitive way to interact with televisions and screen-based devices. Customers can use voice to access and control their videos, experience rich interactive visuals, control their smart home devices, and access thousands of Alexa skills and capabilities.

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Why Build with Alexa?

Alexa helps you delight your customers, increase customer loyalty, and reach millions of Alexa users. Here are just a few of the reasons customers love using Alexa with their smart TVs and screens. 

Access and Control Entertainment

Ask Alexa to search and play videos, and act as a smart speaker throughout the day. 

Experience Interactive Visuals

Ask Alexa to show camera feeds and display customized graphics, images, slide shows, and more. 

Control Smart Home Devices

Ask Alexa to dim the lights from the couch, and control other smart home devices.


Example Device

2019 LG TV models

2019 LG TV models have Alexa Built-in to feature artificial intelligence. Developed using the Alexa Smart Screen SDK, and delivered to customers via the Alexa app installed on LG UHD, NanoCell and OLED TVs with AI ThinQ®. Owners of compatible LG TVs can use the microphone on the TV remote to ask Alexa questions, control smart home products, access over 100,000 Alexa Skills and more, all without the need for a separate external device.

LG OLED tv image

Technology: Alexa Voice Service
Certifications: Alexa Built-in


Product Technology Options

You can create Alexa Built-in TVs and smart screens that customers interact with through a microphone and speaker, or Alexa connected TVs and smart screens that customers control through other Alexa devices. 

Alexa Built-in

Alexa Built-in TVs and smart screens are powered by Alexa Voice Service (AVS). They can leverage Alexa Presentation Language (APL) Skills and the Alexa Video Skill.

  • AVS: Enables core Alexa functionality such as speech recognition, audio playback, volume control, and hardware control.
  • APL Skills: Enables rich interactive visuals, including graphics, images, slide shows, and customized outputs for various screen types.
  • Alexa Video Skill: Enables video searching, playback, and control.

To get started, access our resources:

AVS Device SDK    |    APL Skills    |    Alexa Video Skill

Alexa Connected

Alexa connected TVs or smart screens are powered by the Alexa Video Skill, and can leverage Alexa Presentation Language (APL) Skills.

  • APL Skills: Enables rich interactive visuals, including graphics, images, slide shows, and customized outputs for various screen types.
  • Alexa Video Skill: Enables video searching, playback, and control.

To get started, access our resources:

APL Skills    |    Alexa Video Skill


Solution Providers

Our global network of Alexa Solution Providers work together to provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. The earlier you engage Solution Providers in your Alexa development, the better they can help you. We recommend reaching out to multiple Solution Providers to find the ones that best meet your needs.

On this page:

Consulting and Professional Services

Engage Consulting and Professional Services firms for Alexa device ideation, prototyping, solution implementation, and product lifecycle services. You can start with a featured firm, or learn more.

Accenture provides a comprehensive set of voice technology related services, including consumer experience design, agile hardware development, and automated testing. They have more than 2,400 connected product and embedded software engineers who provide global scale and expertise to accelerate product development, expedite certification time and deliver on product launch dates.

HARMAN elevates connected lifestyle by providing high quality voice activated products & solutions for business and home users. With 70+ years of Audio & Voice engineering expertise, they offer consulting, full-system product design, testing, integration, voice input tech, and software that help businesses launch voice-enabled solutions to create secure conversational experiences at speed.

Development Kits

Start designing and prototyping with chipset reference solutions. You can start with a featured development kit, or learn more.

Amazon Alexa Smart Screen Dev Kit

Features a production-ready system reference to create beautiful screen-based products with Alexa built-in.

  • Far-field
  • 3-mic
  • Voice-initiated
  • Limited Availability
MediaTek C4X Dev Kit

Supports a range of device types using the Alexa Smart Screen SDK, multi-room music, and horizontal and vertical microphone configurations.

  • Far-field
  • 4-mic
  • Voice-initiated
  • Limited Availability

Systems Integrators (SIs)

Engage SIs for system-level Alexa integration solutions including hardware modules, software, and services. You can start with a featured SI, or learn more.

Sagemcom provides audio/video solutions for service providers. The company supports operators interested in enhancing their entertainment offering with the integration of Alexa, in order to meet consumer demand for a smart connected home.

DiscVision’s solution enables integration of Alexa into visual devices including TVs, STBs, and media players. The SDK offered by DiscVision can be combined with the company’s pre-compiled AVS library for target platforms; client systems; and white-labeled custom, smart home, and video skills.

Synamedia's Infinite Video Platform (IVP) is a cloud service for Pay-TV operators to secure, distribute, and monetize premium video experiences on all devices. Subscribers can enjoy blended TV experiences with simplified access to new content sources. IVP’s cloud delivery makes it easy to keep subscribers up to date with the latest Alexa innovations.

Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)

Engage ODMs for pre-tested solutions and streamlined designing, testing, and manufacturing processes. You can start with a featured ODM, or learn more.

JUNLAM designs a full range of audio and video products, including speakers, record players, DAB radios, karaoke machines, and portable DVDs. JUNLAM owns 30,000 square meters of factory area, 18 production lines and has 5 million units of production capacity.

Visit website | Whitebox solution

MyBox develops and delivers hardware and software solutions for video platforms with Alexa integration for video platforms and IoT applications. MyBox can enable Alexa voice integration and customizable middleware.

Visit website | Whitebox solution