Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developer tools are no longer generally available for Alexa Built-in. Please visit the Works with Alexa program if you are interested in building devices that connect to Alexa.

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Smart Speakers

With Alexa, you can create voice-first experiences that provide a more intuitive way to interact with speakers, soundbars, AV receivers, and more. Alexa expands your device’s capabilities, so customers can access music directly from your device, play music anywhere, control their smart home devices, and access thousands of Alexa skills and capabilities.

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Why Build with Alexa?

Alexa helps you delight your customers, increase customer loyalty, and reach millions of Alexa users. Here are just a few of the reasons customers love using Alexa with speakers, soundbars, AV receivers, and more.

Access Music on Demand

Ask Alexa to play music from popular services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora, or cast music to a speaker with Alexa Cast-compatible mobile apps.

Play music anywhere

Ask Alexa to play music from any Alexa speaker with Alexa Multi-Room Music, or create a custom solution for your speakers using Connected Speaker Skills. 

Control smart home devices

Ask Alexa to switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, dim the lights from the couch, and control other Alexa devices. 


Example Device

Polk Audio Command Bar

The Polk Audio Command Bar leverages a far-field, 2-microphone audio-front-end solution from Synaptics, one of Amazon’s qualified third-party development kits. Polk Audio partnered with Tonly, an Original Design Manufacturer, to develop custom AVS device firmware tailored to Polk Audio's specifications.

Polk Audio also leverages Amazon’s Multi-Room Music (MRM) time synchronization protocols and integrated the MRM synchronization library and protocol to play music through other Alexa connected devices. 

polk audio command bar image

Technology: Alexa Voice Service
Certifications: Alexa Built-in


Product Technology Options

You can create Alexa Built-in devices that customers interact with through a microphone and speaker, or Alexa connected devices that customers control through other Alexa devices. 

Alexa Built-in

Alexa Built-in speakers are powered by Alexa Voice Service (AVS), and can support Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM) playback, or home theater controls.

  • AVS: Enables core Alexa functionality such as speech recognition, audio playback, volume control, and hardware control.
  • MRM: Lets users group other Alexa MRM-compatible devices together for playback. Devices can be from any manufacturer.
  • Alexa Video Skill: Enables control of connected video devices.

To get started, access our resources:

Alexa Device SDK    |    Alexa MRM    |    Alexa Video Skill

Alexa Connected

Alexa connected speakers are powered by Connected Speaker Skills, and can support custom multi-room music playback, or home theater controls.

  • Connected Speaker Skills: Enable users to play and control music on their device through a separate Alexa Built-in device.
  • Custom multi-room protocols: Let users group devices together for playback. Devices are from the same manufacturer.
  • Alexa Video Skill: Enables control of connected video devices.

To get started, contact your Amazon business development representative.  


Solution Providers

Our global network of Alexa Solution Providers work together to provide comprehensive strategy and development support for Alexa devices and skills. The earlier you engage Solution Providers in your Alexa development, the better they can help you. We recommend reaching out to multiple Solution Providers to find the ones that best meet your needs.

On this page:

Consulting and Professional Services

Engage Consulting and Professional Services firms for Alexa device ideation, prototyping, solution implementation, and product lifecycle services. You can start with a featured firm, or learn more.

SurfaceInk provides full-system product design and development services for Fortune 100 companies and startups in the Consumer Electronics market segment. 

Creoir offers turnkey product development, audio design, system integrator services, and a dedicated far-field test lab. The Creoir Far-Field Voice Solution fast-tracks Alexa built-in device development.

Development Kits

Start designing and prototyping with chipset reference solutions. You can start with a featured development kit, or learn more.

Qualcomm Smart Audio 400 Platform Dev Kit

Comprehensive hardware and software development kit with the necessary building blocks to create smart speakers and smart home assistants with Alexa built-in.

  • Far-field
  • 2-mic and 4-mic configurations
  • Voice-initiated
  • Limited Availability
Amlogic A113X1 Far-Field Dev Kit

Configurable for multiple mic arrays. An SoC with performance, low power consumption, and support for displays.

  • Far-field
  • 2-mic, 4-mic, and 6-mic configurations
  • Voice-initiated
  • $250.00
Allwinner SoC-Only 3-Mic Far-Field Dev Kit

A cost-effective solution for integrating Alexa into devices with displays, and delivers application headroom.

-  Far-field
-  3-mic
-  Voice-initiated
-  $129.00

Learn more »

Systems Integrators (SIs)

Engage SIs for system-level Alexa integration solutions including hardware modules, software, and services. You can start with a featured SI, or learn more.

Sagemcom provides audio/video solutions for service providers. The company supports operators interested in enhancing their entertainment offering with the integration of Alexa, in order to meet consumer demand for a smart connected home.

Linkplay offers Wi-Fi audio hardware and software modules to integrate Alexa into connected products. The company has supported many device makers in their development and launch of products with Alexa built-in. Linkplay offers a variety of solutions to implement music services support and multi-room speaker capabilities.

StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK is a high level, multi-dimensional software solution featuring the Alexa Voice Service. In combination with a range of hardware modules, StreamSDK supports development of a spectrum of products in the audio and IoT segments. StreamUnlimited works with a global cross-section of high-end audio, CEDIA-channel, premium and mainstream consumer electronics manufacturers.

Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)

Engage ODMs for pre-tested solutions and streamlined designing, testing, and manufacturing processes. You can start with a featured ODM, or learn more.

TONLY Electronic is an independent and leading ODM company, that provides engineering services and product development on Alexa products, including smart speakers, smart displays, and smart home products.

JUNLAM designs a full range of audio and video products, including speakers, record players, DAB radios, karaoke machines, and portable DVDs. 

Visit website | Whitebox solutions

Shenzhen Adition Audio Science & Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing radio, clock radio, portable Bluetooth speakers, docking speakers, activity trackers and more smart home products.

Visit website | Whitebox solutions