Alexa Connected Devices

Connect Your Devices to Alexa to Reach and Delight More Customers

Why Connect Your Devices to Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind tens of millions of devices like the Amazon Echo family of devices, FireTV, Fire Tablet, and third-party devices with Alexa native smart home voice user interface. You can enable customers to use Alexa to control your smart home devices with their voices or automatically, using Alexa Routines, Groups, Hunches, and more. You can simplify connection of your devices to customers’ networks using Wi-Fi simple setup, and can automate reordering of batteries, filters, and other products your device needs using Dash Replenishment with Alexa. And, you can apply for certification for your connected devices through the Works with Alexa and Certified for Humans programs to ensure an intuitive, hassle-free experience.

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Key Features

Built-in Voice User Interface

You don’t have to design a voice user interface, or VUI, to enable voice control via Alexa. Instead, you can use Alexa’s native smart home VUI, which provides purpose-built voice models for common device types such as lights and smarthome cameras and basic building block models that you can use for nearly any device type. This makes your development easier and simplifies adoption for customers.

Rich, Easy End-to-End Experiences

When you integrate with Alexa, you enable customers to do more than control your devices with their voices. You can enable customers to use Routines to trigger a series for actions from one or more devices by voice or automatically, by time of day or in response to a sensor change or other device trigger. And you can make device setup and replenishment easier with Wi-Fi Simple Setup and DASH Replenishment for Alexa.

Choice of Connectivity

You can integrate your devices with Alexa in multiple ways, including connecting your device control cloud to Alexa with the Smart Home Skill API, using Zigbee to connect to a local hub, or connecting on your device using the Amazon-managed hardware module and cloud service provided with the Alexa Connect Kit. You can also build your very own Alexa Gadgets—fun and delightful accessories that pair to compatible Echo devices via Bluetooth using the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit.

Low Barriers to Adoption

By integrating with Alexa, you can enable your customers to control your devices from any endpoint with Alexa built-in. Customers already own tens of millions of such endpoints including Echo, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and a wide range of third-party products built using the Alexa Voice Service. Your customers can also use the Alexa app to control your devices and to setup Routines and Dash replenishment.

Alexa News

Alexa Connect Kit Now Generally Available

The Alexa Connect Kit, or ACK, allows you to connect devices to Alexa without worrying about managing cloud services or complex networking and security firmware.

Announcing Simple Setup for Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth (Preview) Devices

If you build connected products, you can now use Frustration-Free Setup to make setting them up as easy as powering on the device in many cases.

Introducing Custom Interfaces to Build Dynamic Gadgets, Games, and Smart Toys

Introducing Custom Interfaces — a new feature that gives you full control of how your gadgets, games, and smart toys interact with both your customers and Alexa. You can deliver products that combine the magic of your brand with the delight of Alexa voice interactions that you define, offering immersive experiences that will delight your customers.

Your Journey


Learn about the opportunities to deliver richer customers experiences for your connected devices using Alexa.


Design a high-quality connected device experience with best practices, guidelines, and examples.


Build with a range of software and hardware tools including APIs, SDKs, and hardware modules.


Publish your skill to the Alexa Skills Store and certify your devices in the Works with Alexa (WWA) program.

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